Our Rescue Story

Rescued Persians Pugsley and I were both rescues ourselves so helping others in the same situation is extremely important to us! Here’s a little about how we ended up here with our staff. Sure, they have their faults, but we consider ourselves pretty lucky to have landed here.

My staff adopted me from The Forgotten Persian Rescue & Friends in Marysville, Ohio when I was two.

The Forgotten is run by a lovely woman who goes to great lengths to rescue Persians as well as many other breeds, sometimes dogs and even rescued a horse once!

I was turned in to a shelter in Kentucky when I was a year old. I was adopted but then brought back to the shelter for some reason. The shelter in Kentucky knew about The Forgotten and called to see if they wanted me. Of course they did! They drove down to get me and bring me to the rescue. I was deaf in both ears and had a strange skin condition. My staff wonders now if these two health issues were the reason I was returned to the shelter.

The Forgotten works with vets who volunteered their time to tend to my ailments. I had eight surgeries on my ears and can hear just fine now. One ear is folded down now permanently so it looks like I only have one ear but I think it gives me character!

The vets also think the deafness and scabs were from some sort of food allergy so I’m in good shape now that I’m eating quality food.

I spent about six months at the rescue before my current staff saw me on the rescue Web site. I liked them right away and obviously they liked me. Not to brag, but I am pretty handsome.

The staff adopted Pugsley from the same rescue a year later. Pugs was an “11th hour” rescue from a shelter in Indiana. They were preparing to euthanize him (GULP!) because they thought he had a rare contagious disease. It turns out he does not. He’s just fine now too!

We’re so happy in our home where we pretty much run the show now. Well, except when those pesky small human creatures are around. Or when BREAKFAST is late. Still, it’s a great life and we want to help other animals find the same happiness we have.

Thanks for supporting our FURPOWER efforts!