How We Raise Money

Since 2009, has been dedicated to raising money for pets in need through our FURPOWER program. With your help, we’ve raised over $85,000!

We strive to bring you funny, silly, sweet and inspiring posts that we hope you enjoy.

While we’ve experimented with different ways to raise money over the last few years, we now focus on raising money through sponsorships, advertising and affiliate programs on the site. The money that this site earns goes to the pets!

How can you help?

Well, you already are helping! By being a regular reader, you keep our traffic numbers high and our site attractive to sponsors and advertisers. It’s a free (and hopefully enjoyable!) way for you to help pets.

But…there are a couple of other things you can do too:

1. Share with your friends! The more traffic we get, the more we earn on our advertising and the more sponsors want to work with us so please tell everyone you know about this site. And, really, in my oh-so-humble opinion, I think you’re doing them a favor by telling them about us!

2. Use our affiliate links. When we talk about products here, we typically link to Each time someone follows that link and either purchases the item or any other item during that visit, we earn a commission. So, if you already plan to visit amazon to purchase something, please consider going through our links! The money earned goes directly to the rescue of the month and doesn’t cost you anything.

Look for “Pugsley’s Picks” posts, where we talk about products we like. Anything you purchase on amazon through those links adds money to our monthly donation!

3. If you are a business interested in sponsorships or advertising, please contact us to discuss how you can get involved. By partnering with, your marketing dollars are put to good use! And your exposure to our pet-loving community is truly valuable.

Each month, we choose a new organization to receive the money we raise. If you know an organization we should consider as a FURPOWER beneficiary, drop the staff a line at caroline(at)

Thanks for helping us help more pets!

xo, R, P & Staff