FURPOWER is the name of my fundraising program. Each month, we select a different rescue organization to be the beneficiary of our fundraising efforts.

These organizations receive generous donations from my sponsors and from individual donors like you!

We select the monthly organization from recommendations made by our online community so make sure to enter your local rescue or animal welfare to be next month’s entry by emailing us.

The only requirements to be a FURPOWER recipient are that the organization has to:

* Be a U.S. organization
* Be a designated 501C3 non-profit
* Include cats in its efforts (it doesn’t have to be cats-only but does need to help cats too)

The FURPOWER $1 Donation Challenge is a program Pugs and I came up with to make it easier for individuals to make donations. We know lots of people (and pets) want to help with our efforts but due to the economy, things are tight. That gave us an idea: The FURPOWER $1 Donation Challenge.

We want you to know that even $1 makes a difference, so don’t feel bad if that’s all you can or want to give. Imagine what we can do if we each contribute a tiny bit! We can make a big difference without breaking any of our mousy banks!

So again, if you want to make a donation to the organization of the month, click on the First Giving link on the home page.

And thank you for your support both monetary and in spirit!

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Layla Morgan Wilde July 17, 2011 at

Hi Caroline,
Thanks for all the good work you do. I would like add Cat Assistance, a New York State 501(c)(3) charitable organization where I volunteer and where three of my cats are from. It’s a small shelter but adopt out over 200 cats and dogs a year. The dogs aren’t housed there but we foster large (mostly pit bulls and other hard to adopt dogs) from two large shelters.


Margot Proctor July 6, 2011 at

Hi Caroline,

It was great talking to you today. Thank you for all your information and resources you have passed on. I was looking at your site and throughly enjoy it.
We would love for you to add our rescue to donation list for the organization of the month.
Again, thank you for your time and hope to meet you at BlogPaws 2011 and looking forward to you sending me more information.


Margot Proctor
Volunteer Events and Marketing
A 501(C) (3) Organization


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