Hai, there! Welcome to our blog. Pugsley, the staff and I are so glad you’re here.

This site is focused on giving you, our wonderful readers, a bit of inspiration each day. Our mission is to publish content that you’ll love, that will keep you coming back often, and then use this site’s earnings to help rescues and shelters across the nation.

So far, we’ve been fortunate to have been able to donate $85,000 to pets in need! We earn and raise money in a few ways. Our unique brand of fundraising has been featured in all kinds of media outlets including USA Today, The Associated Press, Woman’s World, PeoplePets.com, Petside, Cat Fancy and many more.

Pugsley and I dictate the content of the site but my chief-of-staff, Caroline Golon, does the actual work.

It’s a truly fantastic arrangement, if you ask us.

We all live in Columbus, Ohio – Pugsley, moi, my two adult staff members and the two “Creatures,” who I’m actually starting to like a bit. Plus, the older Creature sometimes gives me treats now so, well, what can I say? I’m motivated by food.

We earn money for rescues through sponsorships, advertising and affiliate links. So just by visiting our site, you are helping! Please tell your friends about us, too, because the more visitors we have, the more money we earn. It’s that simple, really.

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MEOW, baby.