Romeo the Cat…on Trying to Change People

May 15, 2015

Be open to new ideas.

I yam who I yam.

Today I’m thinking about how humans are always trying to change other people. And that’s a shame.

We all bring something different to the table and embracing these differences, new ideas, and ways of doing things can benefit everyone involved.

I’m a cat who doesn’t like to be held. The staff is a very cuddly human and she likes to hold cats. This was a problem all those years ago when I first came to live here. She’d try to hold me and I’d try to get away. It seemed we were at an impasse on the cuddling front.

But fortunately, my staff was smart enough to know I wasn’t going to change and suddenly enjoy being carried around like a baby, so she stopped picking me up all the time and gave me the opportunity to show her my way of doing things.

Once she stopped, she says she realized that I am a cuddler….but in my own way. I like to sit next to her, pressed up against the side of her. That’s my way of being close and now she likes it better because we can sit there for hours, all snuggled up together, without anyone’s arms getting tired.

We are all a compilation of our experiences and history and personalities. Each of us is beautiful and wonderful and unique and we offer different viewpoints on how things can be done.

Don’t try to change others. Accept who they are and their lovely unique selves and you just might discover a more cuddly way of life.


Paul Spence February 17, 2016 at


Nice writeup!
“the humans can t try to make us something we re not” “the humans can t try to make us something we re not” “the humans can t try to make us something we re not” 😉

Do you like to exchange backlinks?

Best regards,
Paul Spence ;

Katzy May 17, 2014 at

Romeo just taught me a lot. Accepting people, animals and life itself is a lesson I keep learning over and over. Romeo’s story purrfectly illustrates it. Thank you.

Flapper the Beta fish May 1, 2014 at

You’re awesome Romeo!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!

Deb Barnes - Zee and Zoey April 26, 2014 at

So very true Romeo. Humans have to respect that just like them, us kitties are completely unique, each and every one of us! And sometimes we change with age and circumstances. For example, our Zee who used to hate cuddling, is now a bona-fide lap cuddler… only took 8 years! April 9, 2014 at

With that being said let me just add on a few point of view from a human being. Change is the most constant thing there is in our world. Change is bad when you try to shove it down other people’s throat but there are also changes that are good. I, myself for example would like to change being a late comer because it has become a bad habit of mine and it is starting to affect other people around me. Change is good if it is intended to improve.

Jobi and Fisher April 9, 2014 at

You are right on, Romeo. Humans should all get a cat and let the cat change them! That is the only way I can see humans becoming more…well, human.

The Island Cats April 5, 2014 at

That’s so true, Romeo. The humans can’t try to make us something we’re not.

The Creative Cat April 4, 2014 at

We agree, Romeo. We like it best when our human just sits down so we can all pile on her., so now and then we let her carry us around for a little bit as a reward for being good.

jansfunnyfarm April 4, 2014 at

Yep, we’re all different. That’s why whenever Jan is asked which of us is her favorite, she always answers that we all are.

Theresa & Prudence April 4, 2014 at

Great post Romeo! Wren loves to cuddle, WHEN he’s in the mood. Sparrow will come sit on my lap for pets, but will leap off if she feels a cuddle coming!

Maxwell, Faraday & Allie April 4, 2014 at

This is a very wise and important message. We wonder how many pets would be spared a shelter experience if only humans understood this. And that’s not to mention the lessons humans can learn about each other as well!

Kitties Blue April 4, 2014 at

What a wonderful post to show humans that there is more than one way to do things and still accomplish what makes all involved happy. You have a very smart human. With eight of us, we can all be ourselves, and the humans will get what they want from at least one of us. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

amy April 4, 2014 at

Thanks, Romeo, my foster cat is not a cuddler, either. She likes her chin scratched and will come and sit by us and even lick our hair (we’re not fond of that). We have accepted her for who she is. We just hope there is a forever home out there that can do the same. We’re also okay if we’re her forever home, too.

Sparkle April 4, 2014 at

Wise words, Romeo! Nokitty here is a cuddler either! Except I am just often enough so that my human doesn’t know what to expect – that way I keep her on her toes!

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