Need a Cat Sitter? CatVacay is Here!

March 10, 2015 launches! Guest post by the Staff

Cats have a reputation for being low maintenance and for not being too concerned when their human staff is out of town. They may not admit it and they may put on the “Oh? You were gone? I didn’t even notice” attitude when you get home, but the truth is, most cats do get lonely and anxious when their people are away.

Our family has been in situations where we’ve lived in new cities where we didn’t know anyone….and one of our biggest sources of angst was who would watch Romeo and Pugsley if we needed to leave town. In fact, finding a cat sitter is always higher on our list than finding a pediatrician for the human kids. Doctors are a lot easier to find than good pet sitters. It’s a fact.

So I’ve been there. When I learned that DogVacay, the premier online resource for dog owners looking for qualified pet sitters to watch their beloveds, is launching CatVacay, I was super excited.

Since 2012, DogVacay has helped owners find sitters who can either watch your dog in your home or….as the name implies…in their home, giving your dog a vacay of his own!

Of course, a cat’s idea of a vacation is certainly not in someone else’s home. Felines are more of the staycation type.

So, CatVacay is all about finding someone to watch your cat in your home, where they are comfortable and secure. Sitters are available for either check-in visits or to stay in your home with your cat while you’re gone.

Here’s how both DogVacay and CatVacay work: You visit the site and type in your zip code to find a list of sitters near you. Then, you schedule a meet and greet, phone call or other communication with your sitter. Once you’re comfortable with your choice, you simply book the sitter and pay online.

Then you can hit the road knowing that your sweeties are in good hands.

All sitters are vetted, including background checks, interviews and references. Many sitters have their own pet sitting businesses and work through DogVacay or CatVacay to connect with customers.

Each engagement includes vet insurance, 24/7 emergency support and daily photo updates.

Average CatVacay check in visits run $15-20 per visit. Someone staying with your cat while you’re gone obviously runs more and varies from sitter to sitter.

So with spring break and summer vacation right around the corner (can I get a hallelujah for that?) the time is perfect for CatVacay to launch.

Friends, how have you found cat sitters? What special things do they do that stand out to you?

Oh, and just so you know: this is a sponsored post by CatVacay. But as you know, I only feature products and services that I believe are quality! And, revenue from this site goes to help homeless pets so everybody wins! Love you guys!


Nancy Duncan December 6, 2016 at

Hi there, looking for someone to take care of my two older cats even in my home or a pet sitters home for three months. The months would be from July to September . Please let me know if you have anyone to fit this bill. Kind of in a jam!!!! Thanks in advance.

Nancy Duncan

Laura November 15, 2016 at

Looking for cat boarding near 95628

meowmeowmans March 11, 2015 at

CatVacay sounds awesome. We’re going to check it out, for sure!

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