Catnip: One Cat’s Opinion

February 6, 2015

Catnip is a great thing. But it’s often misunderstood… many people don’t realize that not all cats love catnip. I do…but my compadre the Pugman does not. *Shrug*

The staff wrote this article about the different kinds of catnip users that definitely describes those who partake in the nip.

But then we found this great infographic that I thought was quite thorough in its explanation of what catnip is and the ins and outs of usage. Bottom line: Catnip = good stuff. We like it. Or, at least 50% of us do.





jansfunnyfarm February 8, 2015 at

All the kitties in this house like catnip. Makes us feel young again. :)

Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs February 7, 2015 at

Ooooooh, we like da nips alot. But we are recreational users for the most part. All of our toys have catnip in them so we can use whenever we like :) Mew! Mew!

The Island Cats February 7, 2015 at

Wow, we learned some cool stuff about nip. Yep, we’re all nipheads here.

Ellen Pilch February 7, 2015 at

Very nice :) All our kitties love the nip.

Socks, Scylla, Fenris & Tuiren February 7, 2015 at

Us cats like it, the doggies don’t seem to care about it one way or the other. Funny thing as a young cat I (Socks) didn’t care for it, but Whiskers was a nip fiend. Mommy wouldn’t get it for us because she was afraid he would have a heart attack or something. He would actually play until he started foaming at the mouth and he could sniff it out no matter how well Mommy had it hidden and he was pawesome at getting to it too.

Sparkle February 7, 2015 at

This is an amazing infographic – pinned!

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