Pets With Hearts on Their Fur

February 14, 2014

Guest post by the Staff, Caroline

When we adopted Romeo from the Persian & Purebred Purrbaby Rescue, we didn’t change his name. Romeo seemed completely fitting for this handsome loverboy.

But then, when we gave Romeo his first haircut, we discovered a heart shape in his fur.

Coincidence? Or the mark of a grateful rescue pet who wears his heart on his fur?

In honor of the love that rescues bring into our lives, here are other rescue pets who aren’t afraid to show their love….

Here’s Confetti Joe, an adoptable boy with a heart on his tooshie, who’s adoptable through Kitten Associates in Newtown, CT. Meet him on Petfinder here. He’s 7 months old, vetted, ready to go, but..he HAS to be adopted with his sister, Lil’ Gracey…they are too bonded now to be separated. Meet Gracey here.

Joey, courtesy of Robin Olson of Kitten Associates

I love this boy’s tongue heart! Lebowski’s kisses have extra love in them! Thanks to the Humane Society of Flower Mound, this loverboy now has a home!

Lebowski, courtesy of Jenny Froh

OMG check out this little boo named Effy and the heart on his puppy chest! He’s a big dog now and oh, so loved by his family.

Effy, courtesy of Shan Ross

I would like to introduce Sparky. Sparky is a one-year-old pittie mix located in South Jersey. He is currently being fostered and is part of Don’t Bully Us Rescue. Meet this adorable boy here.

Sparky, courtesy Bill Tierno, Don’t Bully Us Rescue

This next girl is at the Nevada Humane Society, ready for her furever home! She says, “Some call me pampered, but I’m just a gal who knows what she likes. A lap to sit on? Most definitely. Endless pats? Without a doubt. A steady flow of treats and attention? Why sure, if you are offering! Joking aside, I’m truly a sweet gal seeking a sweet person who I can spend my time with and shower with affection. Maybe it’s you?”

Sara is 11 years old, and as part of the Year of the Cat promotion her adoption fee is waived. Sara has been vaccinated, spayed, and microchipped. What a gorgeous heart-girl who will steal anyone’s heart!

Sara, courtesy of the Nevada Humane Society

Sweet little Ella never has to choose between her heart or her head….because they’re on and the same!

Ella, courtesy of Lisa Printz Fishler

Check out cutie Moo who has a secret heart when his legs come together! Here he is with his mama who writes the super cute web site, Your Daily Cute.

Moo, courtesy of Dorian Wagner

Oh, hi Rome! This sweet boy was rescued from a breeder and is now in foster care. Check out his side heart AND do you see the pawprint on his nose? WHAAAAT? I may die from the cuteness. We think he’s found a forever home which he is super happy about! You can check on Rome and more dogs at Unchained NY.

Rome, courtesy of Nancy Hassel, Long Island Pet Professionals

Check out Houndy. He (and his side heart) found his furever home through Underdog Rescue in Phoenix, Arizona. Aroooo!

Houndy, courtesy of Pause Image photography

Here is sweet Iggy! He always has love on his mind. Good boy, Iggy!

Iggy, courtesy of Lisa H.

Pandi’s family found him on a back street in St. Louisville last summer. He was so tiny and had a very badly infected eye. He was only 7.5 ounces when they found him but is now a healthy, beautiful, very playful member of his new household! His side heart shows just how much he loves his people!

Pandi, courtesy of John and Laurie Wright.

Here’s our friend, Dexter, who is such a handsome, good heart-boy who is definitely the love of his mama’s life!

Dexter, courtesy of Carol Bryant

Look at this beautiful lady! I don’t know what’s more incredible – her pretty eyes or her fur heart. She’s just all around stunning. Obviously someone else agreed because she’s now happy with her new family, thanks to Louie’s Legacy in Staten Island, NY.

Pretty girl, courtesy of Carol Locey Photography

Awww Searcher! What a wee girl with a wee little heart! She was adopted from the Helen Woodward Animal Center and so happy in her loving new home.

Searcher, courtesy of the Helen Woodward Animal Center

And look at this little boy Thomas with his heart shaped nose. Don’t you want to kiss it?

Thomas, courtesy of Joan DeMartin

How beautiful is Kya? Love her chest-heart and her pink tutu! Learn more about adopting Kya at Guardian Angel Rescue in Brewster, NY.

Kya, courtesy of, Gina Accurso and Guardian Angel Rescue

Oh and check out THIS handsome rescue boy! He’s my Romeo, my furry little heart. Sigh.

Romeo. Love.


Kimberly November 18, 2014 at

Even if your pet has heart-shaped colors on their fur, this is not enough to beat a brave soul. This little mouse might have no heart, but it has the confidence to take on a cat twice (or even thrice) their size.

Kyle March 13, 2014 at

hahaha, Effy’s body is all smushed

Carolyn Waggoner February 16, 2014 at

Wonderful post! Thanks to everyone for making my day.
Love to Romeo, Pugs, and family.
Carolyn and the rescue Persians

Kitties Blue February 15, 2014 at

This was the second of these posts we saw today. We can’t believe how many kitties and woofies wear their hearts on the outside. So precious. Mommy loves the heart-shaped noses.Thanks for sharing. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

The Island Cats February 15, 2014 at

How cute! We wish we had a heart on us. 😉

We hope your Valentine’s Day was purrfect!

Caren Gittleman February 15, 2014 at

Romeo’s heart is the most purrfect of all!!!

Lisa DiStefano Hannigan February 15, 2014 at

How do I post a picture of my dog’s heart on his head?

Romeo February 15, 2014 at

You can email me at caroline(at)highpaw(dot) com and I will add it! Sounds adorable!

Ingrid King February 15, 2014 at

Adorable! Happy belated Valentine’s Day!

Romeo February 15, 2014 at

You too! xoxox

meowmeowmans February 14, 2014 at

Oh, that’s a beautiful post for today. Happy Valentine’s Day, dear friends!

Romeo February 15, 2014 at

We are so glad you liked it! It was fun to do.

Sparkle February 14, 2014 at

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Romeo February 15, 2014 at

You too, sparkly Sparkle!

Tricia Rule February 14, 2014 at

Beautiful, thanks for sharing Caroline and Romeo!

Romeo February 15, 2014 at

You are so welcome. These cuties were a lot of fun to collect. xo

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