Sponsored Video: Catdance Film Festival Finalists!

February 7, 2014

What’s better than cat videos? GOOD cat videos! Like, for instance, the kind you will find at the Catdance Festival.

OMG if you don’t know what Catdance is, you are missing out, people.

The Catdance Film Festival, sponsored by Fresh Step, celebrates awesome, original short films about, well, cats.

Talented, creative cat lovers all over submitted their best work and five of the coolest were featured at a special event, Catdance, in Park City, Utah on January 18 during the world famous Sundance festival.

(Yes, cats have conquered the Internet AND Sundance. World domination is near.)

The films are entertaining, sweet, funny and completely enjoyable.

There’s a story told from a kitten’s point of view, a short featuring a detective cat searching for a damsel’s lost mouse, a journey through a cat’s dreamworld and the story of a cat who goes to extreme lengths to get to the fish his human is cooking up for dinner.

Then, there’s my personal favorite – the one where the woman inherits her dead aunt’s cat. Or so she thinks. She stands to inherit millions of dollars if she adheres to a ridiculously long list of “Greg’s” needs. The dead aunt’s lawyer is on hand to ensure the terms of the will are met. Find out if she gets her paws on her millions or not by watching it below.

They are all worth watching. You can view all of the finalists and vote for your faves here by February 28. The grand prize film will make off with $50,000 and a “golden” litter scoop award. Ima gonna have to teach the staff some filmmaking skills so she can enter a film about me in next year’s event. Pretty sure my handsome good looks and shining personality would steal the show. Do you think the staff would be capable of such an endeavor? I wonder….

Anyhoo, definitely go vote – you’ll get a chance to win fun prizes from Fresh Step, like t-shirts, coupons, products and more. If you go vote, come back and tell me which you liked best!

An entire film festival dedicated to cats. Life. Is. Good.


Oh, and….
This post was sponsored by Fresh Step but of course it’s a totally fun topic that I knew you’d like. Our opinions are our own and all sponsorship revenue on this sitegoes to help kittehs in need! Thanks, Fresh Step!


Kitties Blue February 8, 2014 at

We also are big fans of “The Inheritance” made by our friend, Crepe’s, humans. Hope they win this year as their film came in second last year. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

The Island Cats February 8, 2014 at

We love The Inheritance!

Sparkle February 7, 2014 at

We are big fans of The Inheritance too!

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