5 Years, $85K and YOU

January 22, 2014

Me, the luckiest boy in the world.

Five years ago I launched this site and my FURpower social media fundraising efforts. Since then, we’ve been on an incredible heartwarming and uplifting journey with all of you, my wonderful, supportive readers.

Thanks to your support and encouragement, we’ve raised more than $85,000 for homeless pets. That’s right. $85,000 directly into the hands of the people on the front lines, helping pets across the nation find their forever homes.

And to think, this all started because a scrappy little rescue cat (that’s me) wanted to do a little good in the world. And now, thanks to YOU….we’ve done a lot of good.

The staff recently ran into the lovely lady who conducted the home visit when my staff wanted to adopt me more than eight years ago. We learned that the rescue Pug and I came from has changed hands and is now called Persian Purebred & Purrbaby Rescue.

The woman who did our home visit now runs it. She was so happy to learn that Pug and I are happy, healthy and thriving. And she was amazed to learn how busy we’ve been!

Persian Purebred & Purrbaby Rescue like so many rescues, is struggling to stay afloat. They have been trying to save enough to get their official 501 (c)-3 status (required since the organization changed hands) but cat care keeps taking priority.

I want to help them. So, I’m dedicating my anniversary month (now through the end of February) to these guys. After all, they rescued me from a shelter in Kentucky, paid for 8 surgeries on my ears, cared for me for months and found me the most amazing forever home. They rescued my best pal Pugsley at the 11th hour from Indiana, cared for him and found him his forever home. We are so, so grateful and so, so lucky.

Will you help me thank them?

Here’s my idea:

You may remember the Rescue Mom and Dad magnets and stickers that we sold a few years ago to raise money for rescue. The staff still has inventory that she’d love to put to a good use.

If you buy a Rescue Mom or Dad magnet for $8.00 or a sticker for $5.00, 100% of the money will go to the Persian Purebred & Purrbaby Rescue to help them pay vet bills and save enough to get their non profit paperwork and legal fees covered.

It would mean so much to me to be able to help the place that saved me. Purchase one here.

If you just want to make a donation, any amount is appreciated – even $1!

And, as always, if you can’t donate, know that I love you and appreciate you so much just the same. We’d never been able to do what we’ve done without your support and love.

Thank you all, thank you from the bottom of my furry little heart.

Just a note: since Persian Purebred & Purrbaby Rescue is not (yet) a non profit, this contribution is not tax-deductible. Also you’ll be paying my staff directly via Paypal and we’ll make the donation to the organization. If you don’t feel comfortable with this, no problem! Or if you have questions, please email the staff at caroline(at)highpaw (dot) com. XO!


Smiling Paws February 8, 2014 at

I’m really glad there are people like you always trying to help! Happy Anniversary!

Jessica Sala-Bonin January 31, 2014 at

Happy Anniversary! You’re awesome for all you do!!

meowmeowmans January 27, 2014 at

Wow! That’s so awesome, Romeo. We are so proud of you We’ll go donate, too!

Ivana January 24, 2014 at

Wow! Happy anniversary, Romeo and Pugsley! I whish you all the best!

Sparkle January 22, 2014 at

What a happy anniversary!

Carolyn Waggoner January 22, 2014 at

What an extraordinary collaboration. I feel so blessed to know you. Thank you for the enormous good you have effected in the world.
Happiest anniversary wishes and much love,
Carolyn and the rescue Persians

Maxwell, Faraday & Allie January 22, 2014 at

Happy, happy anniversary! We’ll go donate, too. We’re so proud of the funds you’ve raised!!

Brian January 22, 2014 at

Happy Anniversary pal, you are kind and amazing, not to mention good looking. I had my Dad Terry send in a donation to help that wonderful group.

Deena January 22, 2014 at

Happy anniversary, Romeo and Pugsley! Best wishes from Tinky and Ella. :)

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