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December 27, 2013

For all of you Pugsley fans out there, I thought you would appreciate this picture. He looks quite dashing, doesn’t he?


Kimberly November 20, 2014 at

Pugsley looks so cute, but he really looks snobbish. But then again, if not for this cat, all angry-looking cute cats would’ve been super snobbish. http://furryvideos.com/video/think-cats-snobby-animals-thisll-make-think/

cat collars April 11, 2014 at

Wow really Pugsely is looking so cute.Nice look.
cat collars

Michelle January 17, 2014 at

PUGSLEY! You are so handsome, you could be a supermodel! :) Happy New Year, love Preston, Sinclair and Michelle

IndulgedFurries January 13, 2014 at

He’s gorgeous!

IndulgedFurries January 5, 2014 at

You’re looking very handsome.

meowmeowmans January 1, 2014 at

Oh yeah! Looking good, Pugsley!

Happy New Year!

Deb Barnes - Zee and Zoey January 1, 2014 at

Happy 2014 – may this be a year of personal growth, strength, following dreams and living each day to its fullest. Purrs from All of Us at Zee and Zoey’s.

Sparkle December 27, 2013 at

He does! :)

Jessica Sala-Bonin December 27, 2013 at

Very handsome!

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