Maddie’s Days: The Time to Adopt is NOW

May 24, 2013

Guest post by….the female staff

If you have been thinking about getting a new pet…the time is now. When it comes to adding a new furry friend to our lives, we often try to wait for the right timing, based on vacation schedules, money, time, job responsibilities and any number of other things. The truth is, there is no “perfect” time. Yet, every time is perfect to add more love to your life, isn’t it?

We adopted Romeo during a time of transition. My boyfriend Chris (now husband) and I were planning to move in together. But we hadn’t merged our households yet. It was right before Thanksgiving, headed into the craziness of the holidays. It was far from the perfect time to adopt a pet.

But, Romeo’s little face stared out at us from the rescue’s web site. Grumpy and fluffy, this little “special needs” cat was irresistible. We perused the site for several weeks, thinking, planning and wondering if we were ready. And, what did “special needs” mean? Could we care for such a cat? Then, on his lunch hour one day, Chris went to meet Romeo. And it was all over; we were smitten. We committed to Romeo that day and never looked back. It turns out “special needs” was a skin condition which cleared up soon after we brought him home and post-surgery ear care which has never been a problem. He moved in with me before Chris did and none of us ever regretted the decision. It was so not perfect timing. But oh, so perfect.

Pugsley also came at an inconvenient time. It was the following year, smack dab in the middle of the holidays. We were working crazy hours. We were preparing for a vacation in Europe. We couldn’t possibly acclimate a new cat to our home in the middle of all of that. But Pugsley needed a home. And, you know what? We needed him in our home. Another “special needs” cat, Pugsley suffered from Irritable Bowel Disorder. The rescue was happy to keep him until after our vacation and happily, the typical post-vacation let down was diminished by the excitement of bringing home our little guy. Acclimation? Fine. IBD? Fine. Timing? Perfect.

Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days, presented by the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals, which is a group of New York area shelters and rescues, is helping make the timing more perfect for adoptive parents in New York City by hosting two huge adoption events at two NYC Petco locations on June 1 & 2 where adoption fees are waived for qualified adopters. That’s right: FREE. In addition, participating area shelters will also waive the adoption fees for their adoptable pets.

And, if you are not in NYC, great news! There are similar events taking place across the country.

So, don’t wait. Every day that goes by is another day the love of your life is sitting in a cage, waiting for a home. Your cat. Your dog. And, the sooner you can bring your new family member home, the sooner you can help make room for another dog or cat to have a shot at becoming someone’s new family member. The time is now.

Finally, just so ya know…we were compensated by the Mayor’s Alliance for posting about this but as always,sponsorship dollars from this site go to the pets! It’s a win-win.