11 Cats Not Impressed With National Hairball Awareness Day

April 26, 2013

Happy National Hairball Awareness Day!

Yes, you read that correctly. There is a DAY (today!) where certain organizations and, ahem, cats work to raise awareness about hairballs.

I’ve teamed up with FURminator deShedding Tools to help spread the word that hairballs don’t have to happen. Hairballs are the result of a cat ingesting fur while he grooms himself. Then, that fur accumulates in the cat’s tummy until he has to yak it up. Hairballs can be dangerous because they can block digestive functions and who wants that? Not me.

So, that’s why I love National Hairball Awareness Day and work each year to spread the word that regular grooming can reduce hairballs. YES.

This year, we wrangled 10 bloggers who also believe that hairball awareness is important. Each blogger groomed their kitties and then used the resulting fur to make a mustache. Then, the “mustached” cats were subjected to a photo shoot. I, too, was tortured in this fashion. But it is all in the name of hairball awareness! Check out these hilarious photos of cats who are just not all that impressed with National Hairball Awareness Day….or mustaches.

But first, to celebrate today, we’re giving away a FURminator deShedding tool to a lucky reader. All you have to do is leave a note in the comments telling me why you need one – it can be a hairball story, a description of your cat’s shedding prowess, anything. I’ll draw a winner on Wednesday, May 1 at Noon EST and the winner can choose which size or hair length you need.

And now I give you CATS with MUSTACHES!


Barnie and Quincy from About Vet Med leverage their mustaches for a little identity fun….


Felix from Cattipper can’t decide if he’s more ticked off about his mustache or his snazzy yellow sombrero. Ole, buddy, ole.


Tripper from Mousebreath is pretending this isn’t happening by fixating on a speck of dirt on the far wall. “Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts….”

Oh, hello there, handsome fellow! This is me, doing what must be done. I do it for hairball awareness. I do it for all feline kind.


At least Cosmo from Catladyland has a funny human.


               Siouxie from Paws and Effect has a HUGE GINORMOUS mustache….it’s bigger than her head! Can you imagine that amount of fur in your belleh? Ugh. Groom that stuff!

If it’s possible, Moo from Your Daily Cute looks even less thrilled about this mustache/sombrero combo than Felix does. But did you SEE that pink nose? Staff just “squeed” out loud.


Apollo from Pawcurious is SO dramatic!

Even though he is not happy, Andy from Hauspanther looks good from any angle.


Charlie from Catsparella wants to go back to his kitty nose, stat!  Human noses are so big and annoying and can’t smell anything.

Listen, people…SCRUBBY IS INNOCENT. Except of being cute.


Natalie April 29, 2013 at

I loved this so much when I saw it that I didn’t even enter – I bought one this weekend! Just had to let you know, even though Emma isn’t a kitty she had a huge hairball after using the Furminator! :)

Maxwell, Faraday & Allie April 28, 2013 at

Dood! We boyz now want to see how ALLIE looks in one! HEY ALLIE! COME BACK HERE!

Eve April 27, 2013 at

My boy, Bela, dearly LOVES to be brushed. He is rather maniacal about it, to be honest. The truth is, he can be sound asleep, in another room, and if I so much as pick up my own hairbrush, he will come running to me, yelling. Oh, I do mean y e l l i n g. He is insistent and demanding, until I brush him too, and it matters not where I am nor how badly my own hair needs attention…


Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs April 27, 2013 at

26 kittehs! Need we say more?

Olivia Rubin April 26, 2013 at

My cousins, PorkChop & Lola, are going to be big sisters in October and along with baby furniture, strollers & diapers galore is there hair. Time will be limited to groom and if that kitty furminator is as good as the dog one I have, they can be quickley de-shredded in minutes.

[email protected] April 26, 2013 at

All those kitties are so funny even though we can tell they didn’t like it much. We’d love to win a Furminator for Giulietta who can become one big floofy mess very quickly. And some of us short-hairs also shed bunches. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

Sweet Purrfections April 26, 2013 at

Great pictures! We have enough fur from our grooming that we could donate fur moustaches to 100 kitties. MOL! We have one furminator, but would love to win another so Mom Paula can use it in the bedroom, too! (She grooms us in the living room and the bedroom).

We’re luck that we’re not getting too many hair balls, but Sweet Praline had them all the time, so we know the importance of preventing them.

Wilford raney April 26, 2013 at

I need a fudninator because the gel I buy for Sylvester is getting expensive- I have 2 cats one dog-

Dina L April 26, 2013 at

I need a FURminator deShedding tool because I have 3 cats with long hair! My cat Charley has hairball issues and I know it would help him. My 10 year old Himalayan sheds like crazy and now my 11 month old cat, Gracie May, is starting to shed her gray fur! Thanks so much for the chance!

Lori April 26, 2013 at

I need a furminator because when I open the sliding glass door in the kitchen, giant hairballs come blowing out from underneath my Étagère and roll like tumbleweeds across the living room floor. And that has NOTHING to do with my lack of sweeping under it lol.

Theresa (& Prudence) April 26, 2013 at

Love the pictures! Our kitties could certainly use a furminator!

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