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February 14, 2013

Send this photo to anyone who’s slacking today….

Cat with heart shaped markings

When we adopted Romeo from the Forgotten Persian Rescue, he was already named Romeo. We assumed it was because of his loving disposition. It wasn’t until his first lion cut that we realized he has a perfect heart shaped spot on his side!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Kymmie March 21, 2013 at

Little Romeo’s heart shaped spot is truly adorable! I had not heard of Forgotten Persian Rescue either, but after researching it, it seems to be a quite reputable organization. I am a personal fan and donor of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, and absolutely love any organization that truly helps pets in need, especially those that need rescuing. I have had several rescue dogs over the years and truly feel like I’m making a difference.

Emmber Doka March 11, 2013 at

Great picture! I’ve never heard of that rescue organization before. It’s always good to see well loved rescued pets.

Bocci's Beefs March 8, 2013 at

Wow, Romeo, a perfect heart for a perfect kitty…

C.C February 23, 2013 at

Wow that is so awesome!! The perfect heart, very envious right now.

Jessica Sala February 15, 2013 at

So cute :) We call one of our pups “Cat Neck” because he has a perfect cat outline on this neck!

Sweet Purrfections February 14, 2013 at

That Valentine spot gets us every time!

Sparkle February 14, 2013 at

It’s Valentine’s Day every day for Romeo!

jansfunnyfarm February 14, 2013 at

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day and you better get at least a card and a present.

Shelley P February 14, 2013 at

That is so cool! And love the pic : ) Cute!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Boris Kitty February 14, 2013 at

I did not knows u had a heart ….i mean in ur furs. MOL

u been pinned ma pal.

Bernadette February 14, 2013 at

Awwwwwwwwwww.. *LOVE* this!

Stu February 14, 2013 at

Oh, what a Romeo.

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