Today’s Wake up Tactic: Prevention

February 12, 2013

Typically my wake up strategy is all around getting the staff out of bed. Today, it was all about keeping the staff from getting back IN bed.

This is a perfect example of how one must always be on his toes and take advantage of opportunities as they arise. One must be able to revise plans on the fly in order to be successful. Today has proven that, yet again.

Staff got up pretty early – actually, even before I was ready to commence my activity. But, you see, she was only getting up for a quick tinkle. She padded off to the bathroom and that’s when I sprung into action. With Pugsley’s help we blocked off the pillows so there was no place for the staff to go when she returned. She took one look at us and said, “YOU GUYS! MOVE OVER!” Did we move? What do you think?

Staff was forced to lay back down but sans pillow. Not so comfortable. After tossing and turning a bit, she finally got out of bed for the day. And BREAKFAST was served!

Am genius.


AboutVetMed February 12, 2013 at

Making breakfast out of (temporarily) empty beds. Good work, Romeo and Pugs.

mariodacat February 12, 2013 at

WOOHOO – Success story! Good job guys!

Random Felines February 12, 2013 at

hey – we like that routine…..except in our house that would result in some cat getting removed from the bed. oh well :)

Inez Johnson February 12, 2013 at

You are a genius, Romeo!

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