Cat Wake up Tactic: Pugachoo

January 31, 2013

sneezing catThis morning, Perfect Pugsley and his perfectly smushy sneeze-prone Persian face woke everyone up with his sneezing. First he started the achoo fit on the female staff’s pillow. Let me tell you something – that boy can spray! So he treated both staff members with a sneeze shower.

Then, Mr. Sneezy von Sneezerson jumped down to the floor and continued to sneeze probably 50 times in a row.

So, not only did Pug slime the staff with cat snot, but he also woke up the household.

Do you think he got in trouble? Noooo! In fact, female staff leaned over the side of the bed and said, “Oh, no! Pug, are you okay baby?” and then proceeded to haul her butt out from underneath the covers and make her way to the bathroom to start her day.

BREAKFAST was served soon after!

I suppose I should be grateful to get a day off from wake up duty but man, why doesn’t Pug ever get in trouble and I always do?

On the bright side, BREAKFAST was delicious. And, I muscled in on some of Pug’s noms. They were delicious too.

Now, off for a nap. Have a great day, friends!


mariodacat January 31, 2013 at

Whoa – pal – you are on the losing end of that deal. I smell a little favoritism going on here with Pugsley. Remind staff of that the next time you get in trouble when waking up the staff!

Lincoln Ragtime Lolcat January 31, 2013 at

Meow trying to go viral. Please help meow:

For the lols,

Maxwell, Faraday & Allie January 31, 2013 at

Faraday: seriously! Why do SOME kitties get away with that kind of stuff while other kitties *points too self* get in trouble for the most ridiculous, minor, teensy little things…?

Random Felines January 31, 2013 at

yep – projectile snot to the face – that gets our mom up too!!

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