Pets Add Life Kids’ Poetry Contest

January 29, 2013

You guys know how I feel about Pets Add Life (PAL) and their mission to promote responsible pet ownership and encourage people to consider owning multiple pets.

You also know how I feel about the running-yelling-ipadwatching-dollhouseplaying and the milkdrinking-tantrumthrowing-chocolatemouth-yelling Creatures. Sure, I complain about them but really, they’re pretty cool. Except tail pulling. Tail pulling is not cool.

PAL likes kids too. And PAL knows that kids love pets. That’s why they’ve created the 5th annual Pets Add Life Children’s Poetry Contest.

Kids can enter their best pet poem masterpiece for a chance to win:

– A $1,000 scholarship for each winning student’s classroom
– A $250 gift certificate for pet products
– And, a “by·line” in a nationally circulated magazine!

There will be six kids chosen as winners! The deadline has been extended to February 22, 2013 so get those entries in!

Details and entry form are on the Pets Add Life site.

I wrote my own poem about pets, although I don’t think PAL is accepting entries from cats. Nonetheless, I shall share with you. Ahem.

Cats, cats, cats.
Cats love food.
We’re always in the mood.
For food.

What do you think? Share your poem below!


Hairless Cat Girl March 26, 2013 at

Hi Caroline,

PetsAddLife is a great organization. I love what they do.

I agree with PetsAddLife – pets definitely add joy to my life.

Love Romeo’s poem :)

I think you should enter the poetry contest.

Best of luck to those who entered the contest.

=^..^= Hairless Cat Girl =^..^=

Jessica Sala February 8, 2013 at

Not much of a poem writer, but what a great contest and mission :) We are a multi pet household..2 pups and 2 cats. I think that it’s great to have doubles because they always have a pal (pardon the pun) and keep each other occupied while I’m at work :)

Tia Williams January 30, 2013 at

Cat Haiku:
Naps, food and humans
Are my 3 favorite things…
Not in that order.

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