Cat Job Titles

January 25, 2013

I can’t get enough of these! Please keep sending photos!

Does your cat have a job? Please send my staff a photo and your cat’s title at caroline(at)romeothecat(dot)com and we’ll post it. You don’t even have to add the caption if you don’t know how…we’ll do it for you! So fun!

Security Cat Waffles Too (from



Pugsley Look-a-Like, Kitty….

Raisin and Tabookie…



Amy February 7, 2013 at

Spanky is my company’s CFO – Chief Feline Officer!!! :)

Carolyn Waggoner February 6, 2013 at

Well, we have Chief Chamois for my car. Counter Warmers. Dog Decorum Officer.
Hugs to all your hardworking friends,
Carolyn and the Rescue Persians

Sparkle January 25, 2013 at

Geez, what would humans do without us kitties! Obviously we are helping hold the world together.

mariodacat January 25, 2013 at

Buddy – you are an expert baby sitter, but shouldn’t you be sitting on top of that little bean? That’s so cute.

Maxwell, Faraday & Allie January 25, 2013 at

Dood, you’re a BABYsitter? We bow to your superiority. We would NEVER have the nerve to do such stuff. Of course there are no babies around, so what do WE know?

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