Daily BREAKFAST Pep Talk

January 17, 2013

Listen up, furballs! I’m going to give you a little insight into the exercise I go through each morning as I prepare to go in for wake up duty.

First, I groom myself. When you look your best, you are more confident. Then, I say to myself: Self, if you want BREAKFAST you gotta show you want BREAKFAST. No pussyfooting around, boy.

You gotta demonstrate incredible BREAKFAST getting skills. You gotta make it clear you are taking no prisoners when it comes to BREAKFAST. You gotta FEEL the BREAKFAST, you gotta OWN the BREAKFAST. You gotta visualize that BREAKFAST getting in your belleh! And it will. It’s that easy.



Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs January 18, 2013 at

MOL :)

Maxwell, Faraday & Allie January 17, 2013 at

Allie’s the only one that motivated around OUR home. And *delicate cough* the only one who could stand to SKIP a meal or two…. MOL!

Michelle- Preston & Sinclair's Mom! January 17, 2013 at

Oh my gosh, Romeo, you are very motivated! And I love your pep talk!!!

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