Do you live with a scaredy cat?

November 20, 2012

I thought you’d be interested in this info since the holiday craziness is beginning!

Have you heard of the Thundershirt? It was originally made for anxious, fearful dogs and it’s a snug shirt that humans put on their pet that applies gentle, calming pressure. Anxiety experts believe this pressure has a calming effect on the nervous system and may release calming hormones like endorphins or oxytocins.

It’s worked wonders for so many pets who are afraid of car rides, thunderstorms, fireworks and more. And they even have them for cats too!

For all you scaredy cats out there….this just might help you feel better about all the things that throw you out of whack – car rides, vet visits, visitors during the holidays and more.

And, Thundershirt has teamed up with to provide 5,000 Thundershirts to pets in shelters through the Petfinder Foundation. What a great idea! A relaxed, calm pet is one that is much more likely to be adopted! Yay!

The Thundershirt people sent me a shirt to try out. Don’t I look handsome? It’s even personalized. I didn’t mind wearing it and hung out in it for a while. Next time I go to the V-E-T the staff says we’re for sure wearing our Thundershirt! Sounds good to me!

I’m super happy to share that we are giving away a cat Thundershirt to one of you guys! Yep! All you have to do is leave a comment below, telling me what your cat is most anxious about and why you need a Thundershirt. I’ll do a random drawing on Monday, November 26th, so get your entries in by Noon EST on that day. Then we’ll ship out that Thundershirt to put one lucky winner’s cat at ease this holiday season.



Nicole Kapuschinsky January 23, 2013 at

My cat Jacob does not do well with people coming to the house. He hides and we can’t find him til hours after everyone is gone!! Then he sometimes sprays. I would love to see if this helps him! My Mom has one for her dog and it works wonder for him during thunder storms and vet visits!!

dog groomer new york January 17, 2013 at

Very helpful – thanks.

Christine November 26, 2012 at

Thomas my scardy cat needs this! He gets stressed easily and takes days to recover from stressful situations, people coming in the house, moving furniture, vaccuming!

Margot C November 23, 2012 at

Leonardo has a day of anxiety every single week (Tuesday) when the garbage trucks come down our street; and there are three of them over about 6 hours – trash, recycling and green waste. He hides in the garage and trembles. He thinks that they are giant animals.

Karen November 23, 2012 at

Kitt is a rescue cat and she must have had some outdoor trauma before she was rescued because she is scared of ceiling fans (she ducks like she thinks it’s a bird swooping), birds she can see from inside, thunder, and really any loud noises. We try to keep a calm household for her and never let her outside.

Kate D. November 22, 2012 at

My cat Gretchen gets very anxious when she has to go to the vet.

Jan Chlopecki November 21, 2012 at

Wow ! T’shirts for cats !! Meeeeow !!! I have 3; Ebony, He’s the leader of the pride now, he’s 15 & fiesty as all get-out; Nickel, I rescued him – he was “road-kill”…Thanksgiving night @ 8:30 p.m. 6 years ago….I saw a pick up truck hit him & drive on….my choice was to KILL the guy driving or try to save the cat. I chose WISELY. Nickel was bleeding from both ears, eyes , nose &d mouth profusely. I knew he’d never make it home to My vet, 1 hour away; rang a doorbell, found out where the nearest vet was , found it but being Turkey nite, nobody was there. St. Francis answered my prayers & the director, owner of the hospital, Dr. Wolfe, (Shaker Animal Hospital, Loudonville NY) just decided to come to the hospital & check on something. He kept Nickel (hospital staffed named him) for 1 month….I brought Nick home Dec 23 !!! Thanks to Dr. Wolfe, & my wrapping him in a newspaper to stop shock from setting in, Nicky is doing wonderful ! He’s afraid of strangers or anyone other than me. A THUNDERSHIRT would be welcomed for him. Also, I just rescued a long & skinny 4 yr old boy from Sonsini….I named him Fred . He has Cerebral Palsey for cats…..but he’s a smart, determined loving boy who rambles around like a Tumbleweed. I’m so proud of him & his determination !!! A T-SHIRT would be really helpful around here. Thanks, doting mom…..Jan

Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs November 21, 2012 at

You look super handsome in your Personalized Thundershirt, Romeo :) And yes, we do have a scaredy brofur. His name is Kael (Great Warrior, MOL!), but you would never believe that. Sometimes Momma says he is even scared of his own shadow. The Thundershirt might give him more courage and that would sure be nice. Kael is so sweet and loveable. He just doesn’t have the courage to realize how great he is!

Ryker's Boyz 'n' Allie November 20, 2012 at

ooh, Faraday’s afraid of his own SHADOW, but mommy’s working on him to get it under control. If we win, we may donate it to our shelter for them to use wif the kittehs instead.

Becca C November 20, 2012 at

Little Miss Fionna sure could use one of those Thundershirts. She jumps at the smallest of noises. She’s fine when she’s laying next to big brother Din, but he doesn’t always wants her to hang around him, just like human kids. Who wants the kid hanging around. A neighbor has one for there dog and they love it.

Tiger November 20, 2012 at

What a great idea. What cat ISN”T a nervous wreck when going to the vet?!

Pudgebutters November 20, 2012 at

My kitty desparately needs one of these – she gets so nervous riding in the car.

mariodacat November 20, 2012 at

I would love a Thunder shirt for Mario. He gets so scared in thunder storms. I’m not sure why, but we noticed it the first summer after he was adopted. Most loud noises in the house don’t upset him, but a loud clap of thunder sends him to the basement and under a chair in the basement. He’s so calm and laid back about everything else.

meowmeowmans November 20, 2012 at

Romeo, you re looking good in that Thundershirt! Our Moosey is definitely an anxious boy … he is noise sensitive and does not like it if his routine is changed. :(

Thanks for the chance to win. :)


Inez Johnson November 20, 2012 at

Our cat Kiki was abused in some way before we got her. She does not like being held at all, even though she does not really try to fight us off any more when we do hold her, because she knows we love her. But it is obvious that she doesn’t like it and it is scary for her. A thundershirt might help her feel held when no one is holding her so that she would get used to that feeling and realize it isn’t scary. We would so like to hold her more, but we don’t unless we have to because she gets scared. Thanks for this idea.

Sparkle November 20, 2012 at

Oh, I could totally use one of these! Maybe they would help make vet visits less stressful for me – I tremble so hard sometimes, my human thinks my heart will give out!

Josie November 20, 2012 at

You do look handsom in your new shirt. Does it really work though?
My staff have been looking at these shirts for some time. Most of my pride-mates are very happy all the time. The only thing they don’t like (most of them anyway) are when strangers come.
But, Mom worries about me all the time – I’m afraid of just about EVERYTHING. I feel like I have to scurry off and hide all the time. I don’t know why though. I’m a big girl. The staff here have always been very nice to me. I’ve even got some extra large feet and claws to chase the spiders under the bed. I’ve had to fend for myself for a while because some people didn’t care about my comfort & dumped me on the side of the road. Maybe I’m afraid that will happen again? The other cats here aren’t mean, but I’m afraid of them too.
I laughed at the other Lori’s comment (that is the name of my Mom too) – it sounds just like some of the things that happen in our kitchen. Never to me though – I’m always hiding in the area where our potty box is waiting for the good food to come out.
I’d love to hear more stories about kitties who have tried this – maybe then my Mom will get me one.

jansfunnyfarm November 20, 2012 at

I’m Micah, the newest Funny Farmer. I am afraid of Percy! He hates me. He also attacks me and tells me to get out of his house. So I spend a lot of time hiding. I’m not afraid of the woofies or the other kitties, just Percy. Do you think a thundershirt would really help me? Then let’s go for it!


Lori November 20, 2012 at

Well, most of us here at the Turner household are a bunch of Nervous Nellies anyway, especially if someone rings the doorbell or knocks on the door. Probably the scariest thing is when Mom doesn’t realize one of us has stretched out on the floor RIGHT behind her when she’s unloading the dishwasher, and she accidentally steps on a paw or a tail. When this happens, we scream like we’re being murdered and this is the universal call for everyone else to jump, fluff, attempt to run (because we can’t get traction on the laminate floor) and fly upstairs at a hundred miles an hour. We’d like to try a Thundershirt, but our question is, how can you walk with that thing on? We can’t even walk with little hats on.

Milene November 20, 2012 at

This would have been great on Halloween. Enzo is afraid of the doorbell and other loud noises.

Bernadette Boe November 20, 2012 at

My cat is pretty scared of thunder, loud noises, people, the V-E-T… its always interesting trying to crawl under the bed and get her out of hiding and into her cage.

Cindy November 20, 2012 at

My cat is a scaredy cat. If she hears people outside talking she runs and hides. If she is walking by me and I sniffle she jumps.

Ella and Tinky's staff November 20, 2012 at

Tinky is a very happy cat, but she’s been overgrooming her belly lately, so the staff got her a Thundershirt and it seems to help her a lot. She’s been less needy and has returned to basking in the sunlight by windows. Ella, on the other hand, is a very neurotic lady and dislikes anybody except her staff.

Alyssa November 20, 2012 at

My cat Zowie is incredibly skittish and freaked out during v-e-t visits. (she also gets really bitey, which is not fun when the v-e-t is having to take blood, etc.) I’ve been wondering if a Thundershirt might help her out.

Nicole November 20, 2012 at

My cat is terrified of people (except me and my parents) He is a 6 and a half year old black and white longhaired cat. I got him at 10 weeks but I think he was abused by his previous owner. He shows me lots of love and I wish he could show my friends his wonderful personality and cattitude.

Hairless Cat November 20, 2012 at

Hi Caroline,

I do live with a skittish cat.

I’ve fostered a few and adopted a few in the past. I currently have one permanent resident who is a skittish cat.

She’s afraid of just about any kind of noise or sudden movement. She’s skittish during fireworks, vet visits, you name it.

She’s real sweet though.

We’ve learned to understand and manage skittish cats through reading and experience. It can be upsetting for some people if they don’t know much about it.

I’ve written a post about it here: Skittish Cat.

I’ve heard of the Thundershirt and it has a good reputation. I can see where it would make a skittish cat feel secure (sort of like being held perhaps) and it would come in handy in the situations you’ve mentioned.

Thanx for the offer to participate in the drawing but our cat has come a long way and is still making progress. I’d rather give someone else a chance to win.

Good topic,

=^-^= Hairless Cat Girl =^-^=

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