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November 15, 2012

HIYA friends! A Romeo reader and college student, Breanne, emailed me to share a video she created for a class she’s taking at University of Texas in Austin called “Celebrity Culture.”

The students were given an assignment to create a YouTube video as a lesson in publicity and circulation (boy have things changed since staff was in college!) In order to get an “A” they need to get 1,400 views by December 1.

These wonderful young people decided to make their project a CAT VIDEO!

Even better, the cats are their own kitties and some are fosters…(awwww!) Brianne has two cats and a dog – Catalina, Luna and Shadow. Luna is one of the stars of the film (go Luna!)

And, Breanne is taking pre-vet classes so she is triple awesome in my book.

So I agreed to help her out. Will you help me help her? All you have to do is view the video below called “Dreaming of Cats.” Love the title, by the way.

Let’s show Breanne’s professor that Breanne and her team’s cat video deserves an A++++++ by meeting and EXCEEDING her goal of 1,400 views by December 1. I wonder how many views the cat community can give her? Let’s see…..

xo, R


elisa November 17, 2012 at

just too darn cute

Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs November 15, 2012 at

Super cute kittehs (but the whistling was kind of annoying to us). Momma turned the volume down though :) Hope they get their views. It was at 783 when we watched it on youtube. Couldn’t watch it on your page for some reason.

Hairless Cat November 15, 2012 at

Hi Caroline,

Super cute play time shots. I hope Breanne gets her 1,400 views by December 1.

Sounds like she might be a Marketing or Speech Communications major.


=^-^= Hairless Cat Girl =^-^=

Michelle November 15, 2012 at

So cute! Hook ’em Horns!

Random Felines November 15, 2012 at

great job – very cute….we LIKED it :)

Inez Johnson November 15, 2012 at

I enjoyed the video. Cats make everything better!

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