Romeo the Cat…on Perfection

October 22, 2012

I get the sense that you humans are never quite happy with yourselves. You strive to be the perfect staff member, mother, father, spouse, volunteer, book author, blogger, employee, boss, knitter, baseball player, martini maker, hot body, whatever.

But guess what? I have some really, really good news for you: You’re already perfect.

YOU are the PERFECT YOU at this very moment in time.

Of course, we should never stop improving and striving to do better and that will be your perfection for tomorrow. Just keep doing your best and you’re there.

Say it with me….today you are perfect for today. Tomorrow you’ll be perfect for tomorrow.


Perfect Romeo & Perfect Pugsley


Ann Paws October 22, 2012 at

Very nice, Romeo!

Texas, a cat in New York October 22, 2012 at

I have to say that my human is more purrfect when she is with me and not working.
Nah just kidding!

Sparkle October 22, 2012 at

I would never tell my human she is perfect – I WANT her to work harder!

Natalie October 22, 2012 at

Romeo and Pugs are such smart boys!! :) We are all so lucky to have them to remind us of the important things!

Natalie October 22, 2012 at

Romeo, you are such a sweet boy! :) I’m glad we all have you to remind us of the important things.

Andrea October 22, 2012 at

Thanks Romeo!

jansfunnyfarm October 22, 2012 at

We’re not sure we want Jan to read this. She’s perfect for something but we’re not sure it’s today or tomorrow. Maybe next week? Seriously, that’s good advice.

Inez Johnson October 22, 2012 at

Romeo, you are so smart. Why can’t people be as smart as kitties? Oh, wait, that would be impossible. Love you, Romeo.

Rykerz Boyz 'n' Allie October 22, 2012 at

We TOTALLY agree. *sigh* Why can’t humans unnerstand what we kittehs know instinctively? Live for today, tomorrow’s got enough worries of its own.

Niqqi October 22, 2012 at

Perfectly said, Romeo! Fluffs, Perfect Niqqi

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