Dear Spider

October 18, 2012

Dear little spider friend
It’s nice to see you here
What a brave little spider you are
You seem to show no fear

I don’t mind if you want
To crawl across my paw
Scurry right in front of me
Then stop and stare in awe

The humans think I’m weird
‘cuz I won’t bat at you
I prefer to just sit here
And watch what you will do

What are you up to today?
Are you out to catch a meal?
Visit with some friends?
Close a business deal?

Uh oh! The human is coming!
You better run and hide!
Or else we’ll hear an awful scream
And you’ll be “escorted” outside

See you again soon, little buddy….


Hairless Cat January 7, 2013 at

Hi Caroline,

The strength of your poem is that it did a good job at generating imagery of the scene. I felt like I was there. I also like that it was realistic from Romeo’s point of view when he happened to be in observer mode.

Once in a while one of our cats will just observe a bug in similar fashion though he’ll usually go after it. It depends upon his mood but it’s funny when he just observes it.

=^..^= Hairless Cat Girl =^..^=

Zee and Zoey - Deb Barnes October 20, 2012 at

What a delightful poem, Romeo!! We think it is quite gallant of you to leave the nice spider alone!

Carolyn Waggoner October 18, 2012 at

Romeo, you are truly a renaissance kitty.
And your contemplative pacifism would have made Gandhi smile.
Hugs to you, Pugs, and staff,
Carolyn and the rescue Persians

Ann Paws October 18, 2012 at

Great Poem Romeo!

Marg October 18, 2012 at

Great poem, Romeo. We pounce on spiders. Aren’t you the best to let them live. Love this. Take care.

Sparkle October 18, 2012 at

Spiders taste kind of nasty – I don’t eat them either.

Junior, Orion and Sammy October 18, 2012 at

You are so nice Romeo, we would have pounced on that spider and some of us would have eaten him!

Natalie October 18, 2012 at

SO stinkin’ creative! How do you come up with stuff like this?! :) Your kitties are awful sweet to the spiders. I don’t think they’d have as much luck with my Emma.

Mr. Breeze (@kittehboi) October 18, 2012 at

Purrrr great poem! Hoomans always spoils da fun!

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