Petsmart Halloween Catterflies?

October 11, 2012

So, really? The staff told our friends at Petsmart that Pug and I would be happy to model some cat Halloween costumes. These wingy things go around our front legs near our chest and poof out into the air like butterfly wings. She swore to us that she chose the least intrusive costume for us to wear. Least intrusive physically maybe. I could be scarred for life on this one. Pug doesn’t care if he is wearing sparkly butterfly wings or not. He just wants to eat.

Also, they may be wings but they don’t work. I tried to fly and nada. Just FYI.

What do you think? You likey?

You can check out these and many other pet costumes at or in-store.

Oh, BTW. Petsmart provided these wings free of charge to the staff so we could share with you. I’m not sure I appreciate their gesture but if it brightens your day, I suppose it’s worth it. You owe me one! xo, R


Natalie October 18, 2012 at

OMG, Caroline! :) I’m finally catching up on my blog reading from last week and this totally brightened my day. Thank Romeo and Pugs for me! :)

Lisa October 17, 2012 at

Just darling! They’re not very manly, but if you like attention, I think they’ll get you quite a bit of delighted petting (and maybe treats, too!).

Katie Cat October 11, 2012 at

You are adorable! But, if The Girl put them on me, I would bite her while she was sleeping. Just sayin’.

Random Felines October 11, 2012 at

you make LOVELY catterflies….mom will have to enjoy you both cause we would remove her fingers before wearing a costume :)

jansfunnyfarm October 11, 2012 at

Nothing like a couple of catterflies to liven up Halloween. You guys look cute … um, mancatly as butterflies.

Sparkle October 11, 2012 at

Ugh, I feel your pain, guys – the past couple of years, I was a fairy and an angel and no, those wings did not work either!

Scylla, Socks & Fenris October 11, 2012 at

Well the Mom fell in love with them but we threaten her with CLAWS and TEETH if she tried to put that on US. But you know how she like Butterflies. Catterflies were right up her ally.

Bernadette October 11, 2012 at

We think you both look spectacular! Especially Pugsley…after all, he sings in our choir, fur-wise.

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