Furry Friends Friday – Cat Lady Chronicles!

October 5, 2012

It’s Furry Friends Friday, sponsored by Pets Add Life (PAL), whose mission is to spread the joy of multi-pet ownership. We love this mission and we’re here to help!

Each week, we feature a new multi-pet household and today we’re featuring Diane Lovejoy, who loves her multi-pet home so much that she wrote a book about it called Cat Lady Chronicles!

Diane is the director of publications at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. She also has 10 cats (and one husband but I imagine he is 11th in line when it comes to calling the shots in their house, poor guy).

This book is absolutely DEEEE-LIGHTFUL. Diane is a gifted writer and best of all, cat lady. The book chronicles her life from a no-cat lady to a 10-cat lady and shares the fun, amusing and sweet stories of how it all came to be.

The book is beautiful too, with illustrations, full color pages featuring famous works of cat art and more. If you love cats and consider yourself even a teensy weensy bit of a cat lady or gentleman, you will like this book. Honestly, Diane is such a fun and entertaining writer that the staff couldn’t put the book down.

Diane agreed to an interview for Furry Friends Friday and I’m super excited to share with you. But FIRST, Diane also agreed to gift TWO of you wonderful readers with a copy of her book. All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me when you realized you were a cat person (lady or fella of course!). Leave a comment by Friday the 12 at Noon EST please and I’ll draw a winner!

OK, here’s Diane’s story:

Romeo: What are your pets names, breeds, species and ages
Diane: Lucius – domestic short hair, orange tabby, 14
Lydia – part Siamese, part Egyptian Mau, part grey tabby, 12
Lillie – domestic long hair, calico, 12
Leo – domestic medium hair, orange tabby, 11
Linus – domestic medium hair, orange tabby, 11
L.B. – domestic short hair, grey tabby, 12
T.J. – domestic short hair, grey tabby, 11
Perkins – domestic short hair, calico, 11
Miss Tommie – domestic short hair, calico, 11
Alvar – Oriental, white-and-black, 9

Romeo: When did you get each of them?
Diane: I adopted our cats during an intense four-year period, beginning in July 2000 and “concluding” (i.e., no vacancies) in April 2004.

Romeo: Did you establish a multi-pet household on purpose?
Diane: No, I cannot claim to be a strategist in this way. I simply fell in love with a stray cat whom we named Lucius, and I discovered that I could not stop at one.

Romeo: So, how did it happen?
Diane: After rescuing and adopting Lucius, we adopted Lydia from a pet shelter for homeless and orphaned animals. Then along came Lillie, a mother cat, who delivered three kittens underneath our house; we adopted them. Still other stray felines came and followed, and we adopted them all. Seven of our ten cats are related!

Romeo: How do your cats get along?
Diane: Six of our cats live with us in our house in Houston, Texas; four of our cats—the mother and her three children—live in our garage apartment. There have been hissy fits and many skirmishes through the years, but now that all of our cats are senior citizens, they have found a new, peaceful harmony.

Romeo: Do you believe having more than one pet is a good thing? Why or why not?
Diane: Although the logistics of caring for a multi-pet household are challenging, I am fascinated by having so many personalities living under one roof (and the roof of a garage apartment). I am sure that having one cat is gratifying, but I truly love having an extended family consisting of felines.

Thank you SO much, Diane! For your interview and gracious offer of books for TWO of my lovely readers. Readers! You know what to do to win!