Furry Friends Friday Detour – Less Adoptable Pets

September 21, 2012

It’s Furry Friends Friday, sponsored by Pets Add Life (PAL), whose mission is to spread the joy of multi-pet ownership. We love this mission and we’re here to help!

But this week the staff has been a major slacker and didn’t realize she has several Furry Friends Friday stories but no photos! Sorry, but we can’t have Furry Friends Friday without photos of the Furry Friends! So instead I’m making her guest post today, while I take a nap.

Take it away, staff!

Hi everyone! Sorry for slacking. I’m here today to talk about something else that’s going on that is somewhat related because it’s a great time to consider adding another pet to your life. It’s Petfinder’s “Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet” Week. I feel strongly about this topic because Romeo and Pugsley were both considered “special needs” cats and for sure “less adoptable” if such a promotion had existed a few years ago.

Here were the “strikes” against them:

1. His ears, from multiple operations to correct deafness, are sensitive and need to be cleaned often. Plus, one ear is deformed.
2. He has some sort of food allergy that causes allergy bumps on his skin if he eats sub-par food.
3. He pees on stuff.

1. He’s black.
2. He was scrawny and had bad GI issues when he was adopted by our family. Bad poops, lots of barfing. Once he started on a high quality diet, his issues cleared up, he put on weight and has great poops and no barfing now!
3. His coat was thin and sparse – now it’s full and glossy.

A couple of losers, right?

Here’s the reality:

1. Looks cranky but is total loverboy who knows no enemies.
2. Purrs constantly, wants to be near humans.
3. Funny boy who loves to eat.
4. Sleeps on my head and snuggles all night.
5. Likes to groom Pugsley (ummm…so cute).
6. He blogs! And raises money for rescues!

1. Snuggly lap cat
2. Doesn’t mind (and seems to prefer) to be carried around like a baby.
3. Loves the Running-iPad-watching-food-dropping-abc-reciting Creature and sleeps with her every night.
4. Cute as a button.
5. Loves to play with anything long and dangly and will chase a tape measure around the house for hours!

These two “less adoptables” are two of the best sweet babies who could have ever come along to join our family. I love that Petfinder.com is helping to bring these “less adoptable” pets to the forefront because, they are no less amazing and wonderful than any other pets out there.

Believe me, I know!

So tell us, do you have “less adoptable” pets in your household? Tell us about them in the comments below!


Caroline (aka female staff)