Furry Friends Friday Detour – Less Adoptable Pets

September 21, 2012

It’s Furry Friends Friday, sponsored by Pets Add Life (PAL), whose mission is to spread the joy of multi-pet ownership. We love this mission and we’re here to help!

But this week the staff has been a major slacker and didn’t realize she has several Furry Friends Friday stories but no photos! Sorry, but we can’t have Furry Friends Friday without photos of the Furry Friends! So instead I’m making her guest post today, while I take a nap.

Take it away, staff!

Hi everyone! Sorry for slacking. I’m here today to talk about something else that’s going on that is somewhat related because it’s a great time to consider adding another pet to your life. It’s Petfinder’s “Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet” Week. I feel strongly about this topic because Romeo and Pugsley were both considered “special needs” cats and for sure “less adoptable” if such a promotion had existed a few years ago.

Here were the “strikes” against them:

1. His ears, from multiple operations to correct deafness, are sensitive and need to be cleaned often. Plus, one ear is deformed.
2. He has some sort of food allergy that causes allergy bumps on his skin if he eats sub-par food.
3. He pees on stuff.

1. He’s black.
2. He was scrawny and had bad GI issues when he was adopted by our family. Bad poops, lots of barfing. Once he started on a high quality diet, his issues cleared up, he put on weight and has great poops and no barfing now!
3. His coat was thin and sparse – now it’s full and glossy.

A couple of losers, right?

Here’s the reality:

1. Looks cranky but is total loverboy who knows no enemies.
2. Purrs constantly, wants to be near humans.
3. Funny boy who loves to eat.
4. Sleeps on my head and snuggles all night.
5. Likes to groom Pugsley (ummm…so cute).
6. He blogs! And raises money for rescues!

1. Snuggly lap cat
2. Doesn’t mind (and seems to prefer) to be carried around like a baby.
3. Loves the Running-iPad-watching-food-dropping-abc-reciting Creature and sleeps with her every night.
4. Cute as a button.
5. Loves to play with anything long and dangly and will chase a tape measure around the house for hours!

These two “less adoptables” are two of the best sweet babies who could have ever come along to join our family. I love that Petfinder.com is helping to bring these “less adoptable” pets to the forefront because, they are no less amazing and wonderful than any other pets out there.

Believe me, I know!

So tell us, do you have “less adoptable” pets in your household? Tell us about them in the comments below!


Caroline (aka female staff)


Ginger September 25, 2012 at

My cat Twinkle wasn’t a less adoptable, but I agree that all animals need a loving home regardless. I also agree that high quality food is the way to go. I only buy Twinkle the primo stuff, no by-products & junk like that for my little girl!!

Sarah September 24, 2012 at

I guess my Clarence could be considered ‘less adoptable’ because he has FIV+, but I was more than happy to give him a forever home and he’s given me love, snuggles and happiness ever since. x

Sweet Purrfections September 21, 2012 at

We think Romeo and Pugsley are pretty special.

Barbara September 21, 2012 at

When we found our Sheba at the SPCA, she was waving her paw through the cage bars and meowing frantically. She had fleas, tape worm, and resperatory infection. (Did I mention she was a lttle black kitty? She looks like a Bombay cat) She weighed just over 6 lbs. She was destined to be put down, but we took her. That was 4 yrs ago. She is 7 lbs, 12 oz now. She still wheezes once in a while and has to have her anal glands expressed because they don’t empty on their own. She scoots on her butt a lot but the vet says she is healthy. She sleeps on my pillow at night and when I had my foot surgery and was in bed for 2 monrhs, she wouldn’t leave me. My husband had to feed her on the bed because she wouldn’t leave me to eat. I’m happy she chose us as her staff.

Amy September 21, 2012 at

We adopted Elsa, a mother cat whose kittens were adopted. She was considered less adoptable because one of her eyes was atrophied. We had it removed. She is a chronic snuffler because of whatever trauma happened to her on the streets. She is a purr-monster. She cuddles. If only she didn’t blow snot on the walls!

Ocho (our eighth cat) was a mother cat who lost fur due to nursing several litters at the shelter. She was ratty looking when we got her. Her fur is beautiful. She a bit more grouchy now that we have 12, and always begs for popcorn, but we still love her.

Schwartzie is a black tom, a strong silent type, except when playing with plastic rings. He’s very vocal then!

Sandy was a pregnant cat rescued from the shelter. We kept one of her kittens, along with another kitten she fostered. She’s just now getting used to everyone. There are some hisses, but that seems normal.

We’re not sorry about adopting any of them.

Lori September 21, 2012 at

I had an acquaintance who worked at the animal shelter and was on her email list. I always felt so bad reading the pleas for help but I already had 6 cats at the time (little did I know I’d eventually end up with 14!). One day I couldn’t take it any longer and told her I’d take the most unadoptable or the one who’d been there the longest. Enter Eli, about 2 yrs old, very skinny, light reddish-blonde, covered in fleas and very skiddish. What she failed to mention was his chronic explosive diarrhea. And when I say explosive diarrhea, I’m talking running down both legs, tail and stomach and poopy footprints all thru the house on a regular basis. This poor cat got more baths in his first couple of months than I take in a year. Eventually with the help of my vet and regular steroid shots, it’s now under control and he’s the sweetest, most loving boy. He gives lots of kitteh kisses, is very vocal and is, um, very well rounded if you know what I mean!

Marg September 21, 2012 at

It is so true, there just aren’t any unadoptable cats or dogs, just uneducated people. The kitties that have some sort of strike against them are the best kinds. We think this is a great thing to be talking about, that is for sure. Thanks for this great post.

Memory Russell September 21, 2012 at

I am sitting on her lap sticking my damaged paw on the keyboard while she tries to type. I have a bad paw because I used to get to run outside and once I got hit by a car. When my human died, she was his best friend and she tried to find me a new home. With a bum paw that I walk on the backside of and being 10 years old, it was hard work even though I am a purebred Maine Coon cat! She put a screen door on a bedroom and and brought me to her house even though I was really mean to her when I lived with my human and I beat up every cat in the neighborhood. She was afraid for her cats and added welded wire to the screen to protect them from fearsome me! Well, I was so lonely that I let the past go and cried and cried until she let me out of the room! The girl cat here hisses at me but if she isn’t looking I sit next to her and the boy cat and I get into trouble together. We aren’t best buddies, but he opens cupboards and dumps treats on the floor – so he is OK with me. I like to sit on her lap and help her type and have her brush me. Maybe I was less adoptable but I found the perfect home with her and that is what matters in the end.
Peace, Plenty and Purrs,
Sampson Thunderpaws

SG September 21, 2012 at

Romeo – have a treat, nap filled day.

Random Felines September 21, 2012 at

Our Mozart would have been considered “less adoptable”…finally out of foster at 6 months old, he was black and had a corneal scar that may have caused his eye to be removed (5 years later and he still has it with no problems). Tim and Tom needed to be adopted together and were 2 years old at the time.

We think if people would look beyond the wrappings, they would realize that EVERY animal is adoptable!!

Fiona/Hermione/now Lyric September 21, 2012 at

My momma and daddy found all of us in bad shape to start off with. I was a bad allergic kitten who needed a good meal and a loving family. I had spots with hair missing and not to mention I am a tuxedo kitten which meant I would probably would not have gotten adopted until much later. My older sister Hermione who is a tuxedo too, was living in a car and had dandruff from eating poor quality food and had matts on her back end which to say the least was not attractive. Lyric is coming in as a 10 year old Havanese who was very poorly looked after by her previous owner and will be pampered as long as she can be on this planet.

Cory September 21, 2012 at

Most of us here in my house are “less adoptable”. I’m black furred and so is my adopted brother Nigel. Nigel is afraid of people he doesn’t know and it took him anti-anxiety meds to settle down into our home, but now he’s a big old lover boy (with people he knows). My brother Madison is elderly and now deaf…when he was a kitten he too was a goofy “fraidy” cat…but he got over that. My sister Jonesie was starving and had patchy fur when she was found and now has a chronic very treatable medical condition (rodent ulcers). My brother Ginger has chronic constipation which is controlled by medication…um, Bennette is adorable but she’s a senior kitty. My momma Ellie is super adoptable…but um…we come as a package deal and since I’m her black furred kitten I think that qualifies us as less adoptable. Hmmmm… there is my woofie Grete who was adopted when she had bi-lateral elbow dysplasia…I think the only one of my family that is now considered “adoptable” is Figaro and he’s a total pest! Adorable, but a pest.

So…hmmm. What’s up with this less adoptable thing? Humans can be very weird because ALL of us here were considered VERY adoptable by my mom.



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