Black Cat Appreciation Day 2012

August 15, 2012

Well, friends. Friday, August 17, 2012 is Black Cat Appreciation Day and you know how we feel about black cats around here!

If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ll recall that we’ve had some awesome Black Cat Week celebrations.

We’ve also discussed Black cat superstitions.

And, earlier this year, I told you what a black cat crossing your path means in our household.

But I’ve never really shared why exactly I believe black cats are so awesome. Until now.

Why Black Cats are Awesome

by Romeo

1. Black fur does not show up on staff’s black pants so Pug always gets to sit on her lap no matter what she’s wearing.
2. One word: Shiny!
3. It’s easy for black cats to hide in the shadows and stalk…toys.
4. Black fur makes eyes look bigger, cuter and…more innocent. Pug never gets in trouble!
5.Food that gets stuck in whiskers stands out against black fur (and makes the staff laugh!)
6. House panther. ‘Nuff said.
7. Black cats have an air of mystique about them.
8. They get great nick names like “Le Black”
9. Together…we make a panda bear!
10. Black cats are oh, so beeeeeouuuuutiful!

So, black cat fans….what would you add to this list?

Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!


Elaine August 17, 2012 at

My black cat is very intellegent. He understands everything I say. Hes also a great alarm clock.

Romeo August 17, 2012 at

I, for one, can totally appreciate a cat who is a good alarm clock. Would love to know more about his tactics so I can add them to my arsenal!

Kathy August 17, 2012 at

Black cats are invisible when they close their eyes. What other cat can do that? NONE!

Romeo August 17, 2012 at

You are RIGHT!

CMyers August 17, 2012 at

A white cat in a snowstorm? :)
Black cats rule.

Fenris, Socks & Scylla August 16, 2012 at

Black cats are pawsome.

Romeo August 17, 2012 at

Totally pawsome.

Marg August 16, 2012 at

Oh we are huge fans of black cats here. We have three of them here. Love that picture at the top. They have super personalities too.

Romeo August 17, 2012 at

THREE blackity blacks? Love it!

Random Felines August 16, 2012 at

Instant warming spot – our house panther Mozart LOVES to sleep in the sun – and then come rest on mom….even if she thinks she doesn’t need to be warmed up.

Romeo August 16, 2012 at

They ALWAYS need to be warmed up!

Michele C. Hollow August 16, 2012 at

I was fortunate to live with a black cat. Everyone loved him. They are truly special.

Romeo August 16, 2012 at

They are!

Heidi August 16, 2012 at

Black cats are elegant and lend a touch of class to any home!

Romeo August 16, 2012 at

LOVE that! Absolutely a touch of class!

Heidi August 16, 2012 at

My first kitty was a mostly black tuxedo cat named Morgan. He was absolutely gorgeous and a gentle giant. He had not only white whiskers but white eyebrow hairs and a teeny spot of white on the tip of his tail. Miss my house panther.

Romeo August 16, 2012 at

Adorable when they have little bitty white spots “snowflakes” :)

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