What’s in a (Cat) Name?

May 10, 2012

The Wildlife at Rest

Every now and then I like to poll my Facebook community to hear about the awesome nicknames you all give your pets. It makes me smile. Here’s a sampling….sorry if my silly staff did not include yours…there were a lot so she might have missed some. Slacker.

Romeo (that’s me!) = BOY, White Boy, Mr. Fluffypants, Rom-ero, Ro
Pugsley = Black Boy, Puss-lee, Pug, Puginator, THE Pug, Pugalicious
Romeo + Pugsley = The Wildlife
Sophie = Bean or Mouse
Harry = Hairballski
Frankie = Q (“Q” stands for “cute”)
Vash = Nyan-kitty or Nyan-Nyan
Jack = Jackie Boo
Splodge = Tinkerbelle (because he has a “cute little baby face” I bet he loves THAT one hee hee)
Miss Spiffy = The Spiffinator
Guimauve = G Man
The Spiffinator + G Man = Petits Petits or Babies
Lucy = Lu-Mama
Peaches = Peach
Mr. Mistoffelees = Lazy Bones McGones
Bowie = Marshmallow Muffin, My Little Prince, Poodles
Woody = Woodersbuddersbindaloo
Dexter = Fatty
Chloe = Bean
Morgan = Porgie
Taylor = Woo
Rumley = TUM TUM
Betsy = BEEBEE
Makita = Doogie Houser, Ubba Nunu and Mama
Dusty = Butsy Boo Boo
Lucy = Woochy Woo
Meiko = Little, Mookie or Vild Danimal
Jojo = Fufy, Burfinator or Fat Mommy
Berry = Honey Bear
Riley = McGillicuddy or Riley Mac
Daisy = Miss Sassypants, Miss Pushybritches, Poopsie Bear, Baby Doll
Sophie = Chunky Monkey
Salem = Say Say
Olivia = Perm, Lulu, Oli, Ginger Thing
Twilight = Twila or Mitten
Wednesday = Tiny or Nibbles
Buttons = Stinkybutt or Princess
Jenny = Tubby and Jen Hen
Sheila = Cougar and My Girl
Quinn = Butters or Butterbean
Doodles = Doodle Doo, Doodle Bug, DJ Skribbles
Lily = Silly Lily, Lily Billy Muhnilly
Bartlebay = Black Mamba
Enoch = Booger
Osiris = Simoneezer
Thor = Thorka
Hannibal = Ham Bam
Loki = Loka or Old Man
Yoshi = Yosh
Preta = Pretuschka
Kitty = Kittkovska
Flor = Florzinha
Budj = Le Budj, Le Budjaron
Ferah = Ferajaka
Lollipop = The Popper, Lol, Lala, Popparoni
Sasha = Sash, Big Girl
Dante = Zorro, Houdini
Thomas = Tho-mas-in-nator
Bazza = Fat Daddy
Jingles = Jingy Thingy
Mr. Bits = Booger Man
Kira = Kee Kee Dee
Boo = Fattius Cattius
Rusty = Rust Dusticles
Bubba = Bubba Dub Dubs
Abominable = Baby Butt or Bomb
Gemini = Puffalo
Ichiro = Poots in Boots
Chey = Queen of the Universe, Herself
Sophie = Moo
Serena = Pork Chop
Gracie = The Gracinator
Snowflake = Snowy, Snowblower, Snowbrudder, White Boy
Maia = Maia Papaya, Pee-pie, Jady Pie, Fat Bat
Callie = Baby, Miss Hissy
Sayuki = Yuki, Pookie, Pookalicious, Miss Fuuffy
Musketteer = Muskett, Missy Muskers and Stinklett
Luigi = Floyd
Oliver = Yellow, Sumo-Cat, Mr. Grouchy Pants
Sox = Socca-Bear, Soxy Woxy or Mommy Angel Love
Mouse = MawMaw, Mousie or Purr Mouser
Wolfgang Von Schroder = Honey precious snuggum bear, Sexy, Love of my Life, Center of my Universe, Black Fur Ball of Love, Prince Fluffikins, The Dark Knight or, Wolfie!

Some other cute names (don’t know their real names!) include: Bookins, Love Muffin, Mylo McStinkerson, Boo Boo Man, Neko, Lunatic, Looney Tunes, Luna Tuna, Lovebug, Tango, Bravo, Puss-Puss, Putty Tat, Shad-Roe, Hungry Horris, Princess Pudding, Mr. Spolodgey Cat, Momo, Pumpkin, Nooshty-Katooshty, Big Buddy, Bitty Butt, Butt Butt.

This made our day! Thanks everyone for participating. I hope you enjoyed reading all the nicknames. Bloggie readers, please share yours too!


Molly September 2, 2012 at

We had a cat named Soshie(said like so shee) and we called her Toe Cheese. Our Tibert(tib) is sometimes called Tibersaurus Rex. We rescued a cat named Cord and now call him Kiddy Kordian. Our son calls our Juniper kitty Moonie Pie.

Now needing a name for the latest addition!


Elya Elvira van Leunen's Staff May 21, 2012 at

My staff calls me, Elya Elvira: Ellie, El, Prinsess, Munchkin, BooBooski, Cutie patootie, Blue Wonder, Baby girl, The furry hotwaterbottle, Rooie, Blue Monster, Houdini, Ruski, The Hungarian Blue (When I’m hungry),

Marg May 11, 2012 at

That pretty darn funny all those nicknames. One we have here is Orange boy is Orange Boyzo. Magnolia is Maggie of course. They all have one nickname or another. That was a terrific list. Take care.

Barbara May 10, 2012 at

I call my Sheba: Sheebers, pooper, kit-a-mo, Sheba-lee-poo. >^..^<

Savannah NanaMo May 10, 2012 at

Mom calls me Savannah Banana and sometimes banana bucket and Dad calls me Princess..I luv Dad best!

Sue May 10, 2012 at

Whoops I looked further down and saw Lunatic, Looney tunes & Luna tuna and I guess those are mine unless someone else calls their cat those names lol

Sue May 10, 2012 at

My furbabies are:

Luna aka Lunatic, Lunacy, Looney tunes, Lunatuna, Tubbywubby and my son calls her Bubba which I have no idea where that came from.

Nikita aka Nickel, Nicknick, Nickie, Kita, crazy tortie & tortie girl

Inez Johnson May 10, 2012 at

Kiki’s nickname is Krazy Kritter Kat.

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