Q-tips as Cat Toys and $50 Gift Card Giveaway!

April 27, 2012

So I hear human staff complaining about how they buy us toys and we play with them for, like, one second and then get bored.

But, the humans say, if they give us kitties an “ordinary” object like a paperclip, milk carton top or pony tail holder, and we can’t get enough!

So why not just go with the flow, people?

That’s what my staff did recently when she devised some fun toys out of Q-tips®.

In recent posts, you guys have indicated your cats love to play with Q-tips. The staff was more interested in the practical uses for Q-tips but Pugsley and I say: Toys ARE practical! Jeesh. So, today I’m sharing with you some truly practical uses for Q-tips. Check out the fun toys below! But listen, as with many cat toys with strings and things that can be chewed off, only let your cats play with these when you’re supervising!

But before you do that, I have a couple of awesome things to tell you:

1. If you need to stock up on Q-tips, now is the time using a coupon for $1 off any two packages. Visit the Q-tips Facebook page to get your coupon!

2. I’m giving away a $50 Petco gift card to one lucky reader, courtesy of Q-tips®! Here’s how to win:

-Leave a comment below telling me your idea for a homemade cat toy using Q-tips® (this earns TWO entries people)


-Leave a comment below telling me how you use Q-tips® for your pets

Deadline to enter is Friday, May 4, 2012 at Noon, EST.

Have fun!

Individual Q-tips make great toys….here’s moi checking it out.

Hello, there, Mr. Q.

Attach one Q-tip to a string and hang from the counter! Lots of batting entertainment!

Whoa. Q-Tips Float?

String a series of Q-tips together and trail around your house while your cat chases you!


The “X” Q-tips bound together in the center hydroplanes perfectly across the hardwoods!


See, staff? Q-tips® are VERY practical!

And, by the way, friends: This is a sponsored post. We received Q-tips® product from Unilever, the makers of Q-tips® but my tips and suggestions are my own- with some help from Pugsley and the staff.


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Amy C. May 3, 2012 at

My cats have a toy that’s a clear ball that I can put small things inside. I think I will put a q-tip inside the ball and see how they like it; pretty sure they’ll love it since they steal my q-tips all the time!

laura jones May 3, 2012 at

I forgot… I also use them to get the cat hair out of my bathroom sink drain (swirl, lift, toss!)

laura jones May 3, 2012 at

For practicality, I use q-tips to clean the ears of my indoor/outdoor cat.
For fun, I toss q-tips to my blind cat… she follows the sound of them hitting the floor then takes them to another room to plays. I currently have about 10 q-tips on the floors of my house.

Busy Buttons May 3, 2012 at

Mom cleans my icky allergy ear goop out with Q-tips. And tortures me in the process, of course. She likes to use Q-tips herself when she paints her nails and needs to clean up spots she got sloppy with.

Elaine May 3, 2012 at

If I leave a Q-tip on the counter, the cat packs it off. I’d tie them together and make a sphere. It would use a lot of q-tips.
I use q-tips to clean off the litter scooper shovel.

Mami2jcn May 3, 2012 at

I use Q-tips to clean around my dog’s eyes.

Lizzy May 2, 2012 at

We have never used qtips as toys. We have some in our pet kit for ears and eyes. I guess I could try to make a mobile out of them and hang it over their play area!

Nancy H April 30, 2012 at

I have a German Shepherd and use Q-Tips to clean the upper ear folds. ( Never in the lower ear) Use them to clean eye boogers off as well as dirt in corner below eye. Q tips are great for applying medicine to tiny spots. Fantastic for cleaning dirt from between toes. Big dogs do play in the dirt! Also great for cleaning up dogie saliva that drips when we leave the park and she is panting over the console in my truck..Gets it out of the groves.

Carolsue April 30, 2012 at

We tried this and the cat likes it. Cut a large hairband and tie it around a Q-tip. Then flip it around for the cat to play with! We also use Q-tips to clean our animal’s ears when needed.

Bruce April 29, 2012 at

Well my little Pokies, Abby and Cleo love to fetch. Imagine that cats fetching. Well one day I was using the q-tips the conventual way when I decided to toss one. Guess what little Abby chased it and brought it back to me as she gave her cute little meow I tossed it again. Cleo and I just watched. As Abby fetched the q-tip over and over.

And that is how the q-tip became part of our daily fun.

Love Bruce and the Pokies Cleo and Abby

Pudgebutters April 29, 2012 at

I use q-tips to apply kitty’s thyroid cream to the inside of her ear.

Marg April 29, 2012 at

Gosh, we sure didn’t know about all these Q tip fun things to do. We will get the person to get us some of those fun Q tips. We are out of them right now. Also, it sounds like some people have some good ideas. Take care.

Ann H. April 29, 2012 at

My cats love to play with Q-tips they’ve “found” so they would love any Q-tip toy I made for them. I’m going to try to hot glue 3 together in an asterisk shape so all the cotton ends are facing out and see how they like it.

The Island Cats April 28, 2012 at

We love playing with Q-tips! Now, we know the Q-tip people probably didn’t make their Q-tips to be cat toys, but they are so much fun to bat around on the floor.

Pamela C April 28, 2012 at

I’m a cat mommy who is out of idea but my kids have a few. Qtips are an ideal projectile to aim at a brother who is chasing your tail. It also can be held in the paws, both paws, and throw in the air to attract their attention while she steals there food. All the good ideas are the Girls!

martha April 28, 2012 at

twisting two together makes a “helicopter” shape for smacking across the floor. :)

heidi April 28, 2012 at

My 22 pound cat, Link, isn’t interested in much exercise, but every time I open the cabinet where the Q tips are, he scoops out a few and carries them around the house in his mouth. He finds a random area and begins his torture of the Q tips….when I get home from work, I follow the trail of shredded cotton tips to find Link :)

Amy Orvin April 27, 2012 at

I use Q-Tips to clean the crevices of my sugar gliders cage.
[email protected]

Christine Michaels April 27, 2012 at

Well I use Q tips to clean inner ear of humans, cats and my dog.
But for play, well Helio can open doors and slightly cracked drawers to get to this cotton soft tipped toys. But he knows to scoop out more than one for his six siblings. It becomes a toy for hand soccer across slick tile floor. I actually think Johnny Walker is the goalie and the girls Geisha and Gretel are no cheerleaders. Rather they are fierce competitors that the males back away. I think I leave the TV on too long for them.

ellen April 27, 2012 at

Ahhh QTips.. second only to the ’empty box or a milk ring treasured beyond any fancy cat toys the humans buy…

Asking Spyder our resident digger, he says if he could choose, he would say get a cardboard box and cut a hole in the side big enough for him to get in- then cut a small hole on top of the box and hang a QTip from a string so he could play inside and bat at the QTip. He only suggests this as then he wouldn’t get pics taken of him. He also says that a never ending supply of QTips would do- he is simple like that :)

Brenda Barton April 27, 2012 at

One of our sanctuary cats likes to take just one Q-tip out of the box and play with it until it no longers looks like a Q-tip. I use Q-tips with all the sanctuary cats to clean ears and eyes…….and clean crevices. They are useful in so many ways!


Katie Cat April 27, 2012 at

A certain gray cat that will remain nameless (ahem) has been known to open up the drawer in The Girl’s vanity to dig out Q-Tips. This certain gray cat loves to run around the house with them. She is ridiculous.

Sue C. April 27, 2012 at

My cats love fishing-pole toys so I would tie a Q-tip to a piece of string then secure the string to a stick. I know the cats will love this new toy! This will probably work with two strings with a Q-tip on the end of each string.

amy April 27, 2012 at

I’m forever dropping them on the bathroom floor, and Miss Ruby first bats at them, then bites them in the middle and proudly trots off with them in her mouth like mini dumb-bells.

Jessie C. April 27, 2012 at

Q-tips are perfect to clean pet fountain.

Katie Isabella April 27, 2012 at

I am not too good at thinking of innovative things so I just throw one on the floor. I love these new ideas though. xoxox

Sparkle April 27, 2012 at

Oh wow, I LOVE the idea of two Q-tips bound together in an X shape! I will have to order one from my human!

Amy Donnelly April 27, 2012 at

I have bought pack upon pack of cat toys and even crocheted some toys for my cats. But if I get a Q-tip out for anything, I have to get a second to chuck to my cat so she doesnt steal away the first one. She seems to be content to just carry one around and throw it and chew it. But two twisted around one another in a helix is like a super Q-tip and drives both of them batty. And if either of them sees one get thrown away, it spells the end of the flip top on the garbage, and possibly a new bag. My cats have a devotion to those things that rivals even a can of friskies…

olivia rubin April 27, 2012 at

if u bend ever so slightly, u can link them up in a chain, and drag them across the floor. u can make somewhat of a pinwheel.

i use them to apply eye ointment

Alicia O'Toole April 27, 2012 at

My idea for a cat toy using q-tips would be to take a paper towel or toilet paper roll and poke various holes along the sides. Then you slide q-tips into these holes (glue them in for added stability) making sure they are at different levels in the tube. Fill the inside of the tube with cat treats and allow your cats to reach their paws in around the q-tips to try and pull the treats out. Great for mental stimulation for the kitties =^..^=

Boris Kitty April 27, 2012 at

Use floss to string ur Qtips teezers togetter. it stronger den plain thread or string!

Boris Kitty April 27, 2012 at

OMC Tippy used to dig thru da bathroom trash to gets da Q-Tips out to play wif dem. I dun’t finks u needs to bother makin a toy out of dem….dey r a toy right out of da box (or trash) MOL.

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