Q-tips as Cat Toys and $50 Gift Card Giveaway!

April 27, 2012

So I hear human staff complaining about how they buy us toys and we play with them for, like, one second and then get bored.

But, the humans say, if they give us kitties an “ordinary” object like a paperclip, milk carton top or pony tail holder, and we can’t get enough!

So why not just go with the flow, people?

That’s what my staff did recently when she devised some fun toys out of Q-tips®.

In recent posts, you guys have indicated your cats love to play with Q-tips. The staff was more interested in the practical uses for Q-tips but Pugsley and I say: Toys ARE practical! Jeesh. So, today I’m sharing with you some truly practical uses for Q-tips. Check out the fun toys below! But listen, as with many cat toys with strings and things that can be chewed off, only let your cats play with these when you’re supervising!

But before you do that, I have a couple of awesome things to tell you:

1. If you need to stock up on Q-tips, now is the time using a coupon for $1 off any two packages. Visit the Q-tips Facebook page to get your coupon!

2. I’m giving away a $50 Petco gift card to one lucky reader, courtesy of Q-tips®! Here’s how to win:

-Leave a comment below telling me your idea for a homemade cat toy using Q-tips® (this earns TWO entries people)


-Leave a comment below telling me how you use Q-tips® for your pets

Deadline to enter is Friday, May 4, 2012 at Noon, EST.

Have fun!

Individual Q-tips make great toys….here’s moi checking it out.

Hello, there, Mr. Q.

Attach one Q-tip to a string and hang from the counter! Lots of batting entertainment!

Whoa. Q-Tips Float?

String a series of Q-tips together and trail around your house while your cat chases you!


The “X” Q-tips bound together in the center hydroplanes perfectly across the hardwoods!


See, staff? Q-tips® are VERY practical!

And, by the way, friends: This is a sponsored post. We received Q-tips® product from Unilever, the makers of Q-tips® but my tips and suggestions are my own- with some help from Pugsley and the staff.