Fursday Wake up

April 26, 2012

This morning I used one of my all-time favorite wake up tools: paw on nose.

cat paw

Nose bonking tool.

First I meowed. Meowed. Meowed. No dice.

Then, I put my paw on her cheek. Pressed. Pressed harder. Nada.

Finally, I just went for it and bonked her on the nose with my paw once. Then, pushed her nose with my paw to make sure she understood I was not messing around.

Eyes open. She giggled. She sighed. And HOORAY FOR BREAKFAST!


Kathy April 27, 2012 at

So you’re saying that when you push the Nose Button, it makes a giggle noise? Awesome. She’s like one of those Staples “That was easy” buttons.

Romeo April 27, 2012 at

YES! That’s exactly what happens! :)

kamnel April 26, 2012 at

I imagine “the paw” should be said in the same way the squeeze toy aliens say “the claaaaw”.

Romeo April 27, 2012 at

LOL yes! “the paaaaaaaaw!”

Carolina Cats April 26, 2012 at

Romeo, I use that one nearly efurry morning! I do it at 4.30 or 5 am to get some kibbles. Mom gets up and gives me some kibbles, I eat a couple, then rush back to bed before her! Mwaahahahaha!


Romeo April 27, 2012 at

Genius! I will do this more often.

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