Genius Cat Alarm Clock

April 18, 2012

Holy smokes, people! Check out THIS dude’s wake up strategy! This is absolutely, positively g-e-n-i-u-s! Thank you to my pals Tana and Vicki for alerting me to Boo – the Mensa wake up strategist.

Go Boo! Show that staff who’s boss.

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Celebrity Catwalk April 21, 2012 at

HILARIOUS!!!! Wow!!!! Great way to alert the staff it’s time to get up!!!!


Barbara April 18, 2012 at

I think I would start sleeping with the door open.


Connie April 18, 2012 at

that really is one of the most annoying noises.. I had foster kittens that played with it so much that I ended up removing them..


Aria Green April 18, 2012 at

A new one I will have to try on my staff member.


Random Felines April 18, 2012 at

OMC – mom said she say this last night on TV. Too funny….. We have a door stop in the bathroom that every foster kitten has found and jumped on several times. :)


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