Celebrities….made from cat fur?

April 5, 2012

Natalie Morales, Al Roker, Ann Curry and Matt Lauer. As furball eggs.

Yes, believe it! Regular readers know that I am the spokescat for FURminator’s National Hairball Awareness Day extravaganza each year. This is my fourth year helping spread the word about the importance of grooming to help reduce hair ingestion and those icky hairballs that result.

Obviously I am a perfect spokescat, given all this furry persian floof I’m sporting.

National Hairball Awareness Day is April 27, 2012!

This year, I am fortunate to have a gaggle of more than 30 other cat bloggers help me celebrate. Click the badge below to see who all participated!

(Thank you, Sam Moore and Robin A.F. Olson for the awesome badge!)

We all received a FURminator in the mail. The staff members were asked to “Furminate” us and, create a “furball celebrity” using the resulting pile of fur.

HI-LARIOUS, people! The bloggers’ celebrities were entered into a contest and the winner will receive a $1,000 donation to their favorite pet charity. Four runners-up will receive a bunch of awesome FURminator products.

You can vote on your favorite from the top five finalists here. Voting ends April 20 and FURminator will announce the winner ON Hairball Awareness Day!

The entire gallery is available to view at the FURminator FB page. Fun!

I’ll be featuring the Furball Celebrities here throughout the month too. They are awesome.

What celebrity would you like to make out of cat fur?


Sweet Purrfections April 5, 2012 at

Mom Paula still has the floof she was saving last year from Sweet Praline to make one of the fur creatures. We think this is such a cool idea and love the Today Show Furball Celebrities.

Truffle and Brulee

caren gittleman April 5, 2012 at

sorry but yours definitely should have been one of the finalists!

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