Cat Pee Odor Remover: Nose Offense

October 6, 2011

Most of you know that my staff has another blog, The Happy Litter Box, where she talks about all kinds of litter box-related issues – litter, odor removers, DIY solutions, behavioral issues, medical issues, you name it, she tries to cover it. If you’re not familiar with her blog, hop on over there and check it out.

One of the sponsors of the Happy Litter Box is a company that makes Nose Offense, an awesome odor eliminator. (By the way, staff only allows sponsors that she believes in and a portion of their sponsorship dollars go to help homeless pets…hooray!)

Things can get pretty stinky around my house these days – two human kids, two cats, several litter boxes, and, of course, the adult humans. They have their smelly moments too, ya know.

My staff really tries to keep the chemicals and fragrances to a minimum around here (thank you, Staff!) And a lot of air fresheners use harmful chemicals, known as phthalates. Nose Offense does not use these chemicals so that alone makes it a good choice for our little household.

So, not only is it all-natural and non-toxic, Nose Offense is an odor neutralizer, which means it does not cover up the stink, it neutralizes it. It’s free from scents, alcohol, phenol & phenol derivatives, phosphates and phthalates.

The big test is whether or not it works and, it sure does. The staff uses it around the litter box and I was wary at first because Pugs and I have very sensitive noses. We hate weird smells! It did not stink up our area but my staff claims it removed our stink quite nicely.

Then, she used it on the other human staff member. Hee hee. Apparently, that worked well too!

Now the Nose Offense bottle has a prominent (and permanent) place on the kitchen shelf. I catch the staff using it every day for various things, including after cooking, and she seems pretty pleased with herself.

If you want to try Nose Offense, visit their site and use coupon code Romeo20 to get a 20% discount off any purchase. You can also learn more about the company, the nice people who own it, the products and read other testimonials from pet parents just like you!

While you’re at it, check them out on Facebook and give ’em a like….if you like them. :)

If you do decide to try it, please let me know what you think!

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