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August 12, 2011


Hiya everyone! Today kicks off my new Friday Feature – Rescue Stories! I had so much fun reading about everyone’s story and, from your comments, it sounds like you did too. So, each Friday I’ll feature a new story. If you want your story featured, please send to my staff at caroline (at) romeothecat (dot) com, with a photo!

Happy Fur-i-day!

Mariodacat’s Rescue Story, by Mario’s human mom:

About a month after we helped our dear Misty cross the rainbow bridge due to failing kidneys, we couldn’t stand living in a house with no animal. Don and I made a trip to the local Humane Society to check out kitties. The minute we walked into the cat room, where there were about 15 cats walking around, lounging, playing, or napping, a black kitty walked right up to Don, started rubbing against Don’s legs and purred as loud as he could. Meanwhile I was eyeing up a calico kitty named Princess, who was totally ignoring the visitors in the cat room. Don was ready to take the black kitty home right then and there, but I insisted we come back again the next day to see if we felt the same. Well, we returned 2 days in a row and each time the black kitty walked right up to Don, purred, and rubbed against Don’s legs. The third visit did it. How could you possibly resist a kitty that very much wanted to come home with us? Mario was determined that we would become his forever family.

On the way home we stopped at our vet’s office to make sure Mario didn’t have any known health issues. Both Don and I are retired and living on retirement income. We just felt we couldn’t handle any major expenses again for a kitty. The vet pronounced Mario healthy, except he needed to have his teeth cleaned and maybe one pulled, depending on what the vet found when cleaning. She also felt he already had an infection in his mouth, which was probably due to desperately needing his teeth cleaned.

After the teeth cleaning he developed one infection after another in the mouth that just couldn’t be cleared up with several rounds of antibiotics. Our vet referred us to an Animal Dentist about 50 miles from where we live. She feared that he had stomotitus, which the dentist confirmed. Mario ended up having all his teeth pulled over about a 5 month period. By the time he had his first Gotcha Day anniversary, all his teeth were gone, but he was infection free at last. What a first year he had with us – poor little boy.

Adopting Mario was the best decision we ever made, even though he turned into our $10,000, non-pedigreed kitty. We do not regret for one minute spending the money on him and feel fortunate that we were able to dip into our retirement fund to cover the cost. Saving Mario’s life was worth every penny spent on him. He’s returned the love two-fold, and likes to be with us all the time. He is one very friendly, lovable, charming boy, who made himself at home the minute we opened the cat carrier and introduced him to our home. No adjustment time needed for this friendly boy. He’s now our official door greeter, racing us to open the door when the doorbell rings. He charms even our friends that don’t particularly care for cats.

It boggles my mind as to why this poor sweet boy was ever found wandering the streets of our city in sad shape. He had obviously been someone’s pet as he was front declawed and neutered. But whoever turned him in to the shelter indicated they had found him wandering around downtown in pretty sad looking shape. He was at the shelter for 2 months before we met him. No one ever called the shelter to see if he had been turned in either.

Mario now uses his “toothie story” as a teaching tool whenever a Twitter or Blogger pal talks about mouth infections that do not ever clear up. He encourages them to see an animal dentist soon and not let the problem go. Stomotitis is a very serious disease and can eventually cause death or other very serious health problems. He has a page devoted to his story of Where Did My Toothies Go in his blog and encourages his Twitter pals that are having problems to read it and get to a dentist.

Mario (and mom): That is a great story! Except the part about the toothies. I am missing quite a few teeth myself. I go to the dentist a couple of times a year and each time, they find a couple that need to go. Sigh. Anyway, I agree with your staff that you were worth every penny! YAY for you and your forever home! xo


Cathy Keisha September 9, 2011 at

Three cheers for Mario. I bet those people who turned him in had adopted him and couldn’t afford his tooth surgery. Just meowin’

Layla Morgan Wilde September 9, 2011 at

We love Mario and this article adds a new dimension on adopting shelter pets.

Mathias September 8, 2011 at

What a lovely story!

– A good rescue story can always cheer you up!

– Mathias

TheBigGirl September 2, 2011 at

Great story…I have five male cats, and am purring they won’t all need kitty implants one day…:)

Chad Darwin August 15, 2011 at

Hey Romeo – great post…love a good rescue story…happy to hear about Mario!

Catcalls August 13, 2011 at

WOW! You are truly ‘priceless’, Mario! One blessed kitty. Love your story as it has a happy ending. Wishing all kitties the same who are in shelters.

Zoe August 13, 2011 at

What a great story! And that is just the sweetest face!

Gizmo (and Kit Kat) August 13, 2011 at

Great story!

Sweet Purrfections and Angel Praline August 12, 2011 at

What a wonderful story!

Mom Paula

The Island Cats August 12, 2011 at

We love Mario! We never knew his gotcha story until now. What a happy ending!!

meowmeowmans August 12, 2011 at

What a nice happily-forever-after story! We think Mario AND his people are super lucky to have each other. :)

SeabassCat August 12, 2011 at

I’m proud to call Mario my pal and am glad you featured him here, Romeo. He’s a good friend to all and a great example of what wonderful family members a rescued pet can make.

Julia Williams August 12, 2011 at

What a great story!! Mario is lucky to have found such wonderful people, although I can tell that they think they’re the lucky ones to have found him! So I guess they are even. MOL.

caren gittleman August 12, 2011 at

We just ADORE Mario (and his Mommy!) and are thrilled to see him featured!

We loved Mario’s “toothie” story and know just how important it is. So important in fact that Mario’s Mom has allowed us to feature her story TWICE on our blog.

There is nobody better to explain the importance of feline dental care than someone who has experienced it!

We <3 Mario and his Mom!

Pumpkin August 12, 2011 at

I’m glad you featured Mario in your blog. He’s a very special kitty with an impawtant story to tell. I think efurryone in the cat blogosphere should get to know Mario.

Pandafur August 12, 2011 at

Wat a amayzing story abowt Mario. Him iz such a sweet kitteh you wud nevar know him got hiz toofies stolen. Thanks you for sharin this we luv learning moar abowt owr anipals.

mariodacat August 12, 2011 at

We are honored to have been chosen for your featured blog about rescues and are looking forward to reading the stories of those to come. There are so many wonderful animals in shelters just waiting for a forever home. Why not give them a chance.

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