Rescue Cat Week Day One

August 1, 2011

Hi everyone, and welcome to GLOBAL RESCUE CAT WEEK! This week, we’re celebrating rescue cats of all shapes, sizes and stripes. Although, truth be told, we’re really celebrating cats who rescue humans but I think we’re all pretty clear on that anyway. It’s all semantics.

If you want to get in on the fun, send my staff an email with your rescue cat’s story and a photo. Please name your photo files with the cat’s name. Send to: caroline (at) romeothecat (dot) com.


Earl Gray was found on my doorstep 14 years ago. We believe he is 18 years old. I had a cat for 21 years (also a rescue) who I found as a kitten. A week after she died, Earl Gray appeared on my door step with a badly broken leg. We had to take him to a specialist because the break was so bad my regular vet didn't want to attempt to fix it. Earl stunk from eating garbage. Otherwise, he looked fine. The break was internal--no blood. He was just patiently waiting for us to come home. It was one in the morning on a Saturday. We just came home from a wedding. Earl saw us get out of our car. When I opened the front door, Earl hobbled inside with his tail upright with a slight curve to it. He proudly looked like he belonged here. We fed him, and found a vet who put his leg in a cast the next day. He's been with us ever since.

We would like to offer the story of Tim & Tom. They were brought to a local shelter at the age of 2 (they are brothers) due to family allergies. They spent a few months there - Tim was much shyer and needed his brother to get by. They were adopted but brought back 2 days later saying they wouldn't come out from under the bed. A couple of weeks after that, they weren't on the floor again. However, it seems that there was a cat fight in the room where they were living (community cat room) and Tommy was being blamed. So they were in medical - Tim's nose was scratched pretty badly and staff was trying to determine what to do with them. Our mom suggested maybe fostering them. She however didn't mean by us. Yet, a few days later they moved in and we spent the weekend getting used to each other. Mom would take them to adoption events and they were listed on the website and Petfinder. However, after 4 months there was no interest and mom realized that she wouldn't be able to give them up even if someone WAS interested. That was 6 years ago and Tim is now our foster "manny" and Tommy is the head-alpha-mancat. Jeanne & the Random Felines

Cody and I were brought together on July 28, 2007, 26 days after my beloved Bobo had passed. I never thought I would get another cat that quickly after losing Bobo but after having been "owned" by Bobo for 18 wonderful years my heart ached with the absence of a furry feline. I went to an adoption drive at Petco (I don't remember the name of the shelter), I actually had been there 2 wks prior and had seen Cody but wasn't emotionally ready to adopt at that time. When I was there on the 28th, I actually had my eyes on his litter mates. A tabby girl that looked like my Bobo looked and Cody's brother who I honestly have no recollection of what his coloring was. Neither of them cared for me AT ALL! Then there was Cody! He was a sturdy built ball of energy. I remembered him from having seen him 2 weeks earlier and asked if I could hold him. The rest is history. Cody acted as if he never wanted to be removed from my arms. I had never had a cat that content to be held for such a long period of time. I knew he was THE ONE. I called my husband to tell him I had found "the most amazing cat" and I was getting him no matter what. At that time his name was "Prince" and Shawna (the woman who handled my adoption of Cody) told me he had been her favorite and that he was a complete lover. He was and continues to be. I also refer to him as "Cody, the cat formerly known as "Prince" When I brought him home, Cody had no fear, no hesitation. He literally strutted through our condo as if he owned the place. He still does, as well as my heart.

A few years ago, while walking my dog Merci, I heard one of those birds that drive me crazy because it sounds like a tiny kitten crying. Merci ran to the old mill fence and used her I-found-a-cat whine. The more I tried to move her on, the more frantic Merci's whining became. And then from under a bush crawled a wee kitten. Merci was excited - a new kitten. I raced her to the mill office to let them know I needed help, rushed home to grab a carrier in case the kitten was afraid of Merci and arrived, panting, back at the fence before two maintenance workers arrived. One scooped up the kitten, searched the area for possible other kittens, unlocked the gate and placed him in the carrier. Merci was ecstatic. Passersby grinned at her, as head high, eyes glued on the kitten, and plumed tail waving at warp speed, she walked home on invisible clouds. . Percy's name is actually Perseverance because if he hadn't persevered, I would have made Merci continue our walk and Percy would most likely have died. He was too young to survive on his own.

After two years of living in Paris, I was finally in a position to be able to adopt a cat. Wanting a kitten, I went to the city’s only shelter, located an hour train ride away from my flat, only to learn that kittens are rare and adopted quickly. So I had a look at the other cats but none of them seemed to be right for me, and went home determined to wait. For weeks I called the shelter every morning to see if any kittens had been dropped off until the happy day when a batch had just come in. So I grabbed the new carrier and went as fast as possible out to the shelter. By the time I arrived there were only two kittens left, both very sweet but somehow not for me. Disappointed, I prepared to leave. Seeing me go, the very kind French woman in charge of the cattery persuaded me to have another look at the adult cats by saying there was a new one just arrived that I might like. When entering the room chock full of cats hanging out on various perches and ledges, a little fluffball with golden highlights emerged from the mass, ran straight over to me, looked up with big green eyes and meowed very softly, as if to say “Here I am mom, take me home”. Almost full grown, she was still a teeny delicate, graceful thing and I knew straight away she was the one for me. Eight years and many adventures later, Kitty Bitty is my closest companion and the best cat I have ever come across. She is pure love and brings much joy and laughter to my life. Everyone who has met her can’t help but love her too. I am the luckiest cat mom in the world and grateful for every day we have together. Rescue pets are the best!

Kitty Bitty’s staff is correct – rescue pets are the best! I can’t wait to read more of your stories!

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Deb Barnes - Zee and Zoey August 2, 2011 at

What a wonderful series of heartfelt stories and pictures. We are especially happy to see our dear feline friend, Cody, from Cat Chat featured! What a sweetheart he is! And Caren too!

Deb Barnes - Zee and Zoey August 2, 2011 at

These are such a great series of heartwarming stories and pictures! I am especially happy to see our dear cat friend, Cody, from Cat Chat – what a sweetheart he is!!

The Island Cats August 2, 2011 at

We don’t know who is luckier…the cats that are rescued, or the humans that rescue them!! Yay for rescue cats!!

Your Daily Cute August 1, 2011 at

Aw, great stories! I love, love, love people. :) And I love the name Earl Gray for a kitty.

Caren Gittleman August 1, 2011 at

these stories were wonderful, I have tears in my eyes. Thank you for featuring my cody as well!

Ping Pong & Bob August 1, 2011 at

Wow. Great stories. Thanks.

Bernadette August 1, 2011 at

I love rescue stories! They are like magic–the cats who show up right after a loss, the ones who come from nowhere and become the cat of a lifetime. Someday I hope there are fewer cats to rescue, but I hope the stories carry on.

Carolyn Waggoner August 1, 2011 at

Lovely Cats. Lovely Stories.
Bless you all,
Carolyn and the rescue Persians

Michele C. Hollow August 1, 2011 at

Thanks for featuring Earl!

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