Announcing: White Cat Week!

January 20, 2011

Me = White Cat. Mostly.

Me = White Cat. Mostly.

Okay, I realize every day is White Cat Day at Chez Romeo. But I am proclaiming next week GLOBAL WHITE CAT WEEK.

Everyone, send in your photos of your white, mostly white, kinda white cats and we’ll feature a bunch of them each day.

This will be in addition to our regular White Cat Programming, which would be, well, all about me.

Send your photos, properly named so my sometimes slow staff can properly label them, to: caroline (at) romeothecat (dot) com.


BTW, today male staff got up even earlier than I did so no tactics required. I got a morning off from my typical shenanigans! Must think of some way to make up for it throughout the day. Ideas?


Jadielady January 26, 2011 at

YAY! Romeo! I told one of my internet friends who has a white cat she should send you a picture and she DID! She says her kitty will be featured Friday.
YAY new friends

Romeo the White Cat in Los Angeles January 20, 2011 at

Dear Romeo,

I am thrilled to hear about Global White Cat Week! What an awesome idea, at least one week every month should celebrate white cats! Or maybe every day if we can train our people really well. We are magical creatures. Keep up the great work!

Romeo, the ALL White Cat in Los Angeles

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