Meow Monday Wake up

January 17, 2011

Slackers will not be tolerated.

Slackers will not be tolerated.

OK, people. Listen to what happened to ME this weekend. Entire staff left the house for an overnight trip on Saturday. Pug and I were served our wet dinner noms at 2 p.m. Saturday and did not get wet noms again until 1 p.m. on Sunday!


Seriously. Staff tried to lessen the impact by leaving us two big bowls of water and two overflowing bowls of dry food but that was no substitute for stinky wet noms, which we’re entitled to every 12 hours. Actually, we’re entitled to it more frequently but somehow staff has not gotten that memo.

But anyway. Are you guys with me? Is this not ridiculous?

So, they paid this morning. Oh, yes. They paid.

MEOWMEOWMEOWMEOW started at 5:30 a.m. and did not let up for one full hour. I did not even go away for a little bit like I normally do. I stood there and meowed and rotated between the two of them.

I got pushed a few times.

I got a few butt scratches and “Romeo, just wait a little longer.”

But I was not having any of it. Meow, rotate. Meow, rotate. Meow, rotate.

A man on a mission.

Paw on face. Rotate. Paw on face. Rotate. Paw on face. Rotate.

Must show who is boss.

I also made sure to spray a little saliva in their faces when I meowed.

Persistent consistency works. Finally, those fools got up.

That should show them that 24-hour gaps in wet food delivery will not be tolerated. There are repercussions. Oh yes there are.

What atrocities has your staff committed lately and how did you make them pay?


Sparkle January 17, 2011 at

Oh Romeo, that was terrible that you two were abandoned like tht! My human makes sure we have a pet sitter so we get wet food ALL the time, even for an overnight trip! She knows better than to leave us on our own.

meowmeowmans January 17, 2011 at

We hate it when our staff goes away. Like you, we make them pay with unrelenting reminders to feed us our wet noms. “Early and often” is our motto! 😉

Sammy and Moosey

Sweet Praline January 17, 2011 at

My mom left for the weekend a couple of weeks ago. She did hire the pet sitter, but she came by once a day. When mom got back home, I refused to eat my stinky goodness unless she put it on her finger.

Boots January 17, 2011 at

I would just pee in my waitstaff’s work bag that had his gym clothes in it.

Gabby "The Gabbinator" January 17, 2011 at


Our staff sometimes leaves us alone for two to three days to attend soccer tournaments of all things. Can you believe it?????

We are left with a giant self feeder and our water fountain, but no wet noms.

When our uncaring staff returns we pay them back by totally ignoring them and giving them the furry cold shoulder.

They can only handle us ignoring them for a few hours and then they are giving us extra noms and extra treats to win back our favor. Suckers!!!!

Once they went away for a whole week and had the neighbor check on us and clean our box. All I can say is that payback was a
b_ _ _ h!!!!!

He He He….


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