Fursday Wake up Tactics

December 16, 2010

Why does she make me resort to drastic action?

Why does she make me resort to drastic action?

This morning required quite a few tactics to get that lazy staff up and out of bed. It must be the snow outside. Which really, that should not matter when it comes to prompt BREAKFAST service. I’m just sayin’ that’s probably the lame excuse she would use.

So….started out with MEOWMEOWMEOWMEOW. Nothing.

Went to other side of head and stuck nose in her ear and snuffled about. Got some twitching but that’s about it.

Then sat down and purred really loud in her ear (this is usually irresistable). Nada.


I tried the ear-snuffle again. She ignored me.

She made me do it: I stood up, looked into her face and……

AHHHHHHHHHHHHCHOOOOOOOOOOO! Cat juice right in her sleepy little face.

Haha! She was up and BREAKFAST served shortly thereafter.

The sneeze really works every time, doesn’t it?

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Nancy December 17, 2010 at


Your just to cute, and obviously you take advantage of that, but with a cute kitty like you; that is purrfectly okay. You know your loved.

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