Tuesday Wake up Tactic

November 30, 2010

Oh, hello.

Oh, hello.

Female staff member laying in odd position this morning, with arms up over her head. This presented a new challenge which I’m always up for! So, stepped squarely in her armpit as I peered into her face and MEOWED.

That armpit thing must be pretty sensitive because she jumped up right away, yelling something I could not understand.

Soon thereafter BREAKFAST was heated and served to my comrade Pugsley and me and we began our busy day. Of napping.

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Amy & The House of Cats November 30, 2010 at

Hi Romeo! Oh we have missed reading your wake up tactics since mom’s work computer got the internet blocked! It is so good to see them again!! We haven’t tried the armpit thing before but we might need to this weekend – mom has been sleeping in way to late for our taste lately!

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