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November 24, 2010

Remington and flowers (from adoring staff?)

Remington and flowers (from adoring staff?)

I LOVED all your comments from yesterday. I also received this one via email, from Remington.

“Dearest Romeo,

I require my staff to be physically present when I eat (canned food for seniors of COURSE, with water added to it so I can slurp it up). If they are not verbally encouraging me, they must be petting my sides and back. I will show them this is acceptable by purring and eating voraciously. If they refuse to do this, I go on a hunger strike and sit next to my food, meowing indignantly. This alerts the female staff, who comes running, re-scrapes my food into a mountain so it’s easier to eat, and then strokes me as I dine. Sometimes she walks away and we have to go through the whole process again, which is becoming increasingly annoying.

Remington - SHAVEDOWN!

Remington - SHAVEDOWN!

I have attached another pic of what my staff does for “love” in the summer! They think this makes me more “comfortable” because it is “humid.” Do I get taken to a spa?? Do I get pampered with first rate equipment??? NO. I get put on a TV dinner tray in the bathroom with beard clippers. Romeo, I am 13 years old. It’s agregious!!!!!!


Way to train them, R! You need to talk with them about the beard clippers. I agree. You should be at the kitty spa instead.

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Kathy November 24, 2010 at

“re-scrapes my food into a mountain” Now that’s service!

Remington, I must say you look fetching in your shaved look. Tres chic!

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