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November 21, 2010

Ummm. What?

Ummm. What?

OMG, CHECK OUT what I found sitting on the kitchen table today. I’m not sure if I should be:

1. Annoyed that the staff is clearly developing some sort of strategy of her own.

2. Flattered that the staff felt the need to actually acquire a manual in order to outwit me.


3. Laughing hysterically that this Wendy Christensen person, the author, actually thinks it can be done.

Need input please.


Inez Johnson November 22, 2010 at

No one can outwit you! You are the master!

Fiona the Kitty November 22, 2010 at

If I found out that my staff was reading such nonsense I would wait till she was asleep and pounce her feet with claws out to show her whose boss!

Pandafur November 22, 2010 at

heeheeehahha I iz laffing so hard I felled offa mai chair! O maigoodnessgrayshush! *giggles*

Sebastian November 22, 2010 at

I think Wendy has outwitted humans by getting them to buy a manual that describes something that is IMPOSSIBLE!

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