Sweet Praline is a STAR

August 16, 2010

I’m so happy to share that beautiful Sweet Praline was today’s winner in the Feline Pine

What a gal!

What a gal!

“Funniest Vet Stories” contest, in honor of National Take Your Cat to the Vet Week.

She was even featured on PeoplePets.com today!

Here is Praline’s story:

Praline hates going to the vet’s office. She even hisses at the vet techs when they go to get her out of the cage. Last spring after she had some surgery and had to stay all day, I came to get her.

The tech walked back to the back to ask Praline is she was ready to go home. I heard a thud and then the tech laughing. She said Praline (my little persian) literally leaped from the cage to her carrier when she heard my voice. Persians don’t “leap!” Praline fussed at me the whole way home!

Nice “leap” Praline!

Each day, Feline Pine is picking a new winner in their Tell us Your Funny Vet Stories contest. Winners get 6 months of free Feline Pine litter and a $75 gift card towards their next vet visit. Lots of chances to win! Enter here.

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