Going to the V-E-T

August 14, 2010

Just make yer darn appointment and be done with it.

Just make yer darn appointment and be done with it.

Next week is National Take Your Cat to the Vet Week. The experts say that kittehs need to go to the V-E-T once a year to keep us in optimal health and pinpoint issues before they get super bad.

Pugs and I do have yearly check ups but also go more often than that because staff is a bit, ahem, overprotective. The minute one of us barfs one too many times or if someone has an accident on the rug a couple of times in a row, BAM! We are off to the V-E-T.

The week is sponsored by my friends at Feline Pine who are supporting this program because they really care about kittehs. They are also running a contest right now called Tell Us Your Funniest Vet Stories contest. Submit your funny story about going to the V-E-T and you could win 6 months of free litter PLUS a gift card towards a visit to the V-E-T. But submit your entry soon – they pick a new winner each day next week!

This promotion got me wondering about other kittehs’ experiences at the V-E-T so I conducted a little survey of my own. Here are a few things I learned:

-43% of cats somehow know what’s up and run to hide before the cat staff can get them into the carrier.
-60.2% of cats won’t get into the cat carrier.
-44.3% of cats won’t come out of the cat carrier once at the V-E-T.
-67% of kittehs yowl and complain the whole way to the V-E-T.
-10.2% of cats love the V-E-T.

Then here is what those surveyed said the vet staff says about their cats:

-What a loverboy/lovergirl! 31%
-Hi Handsome/Beautiful 76.2%
-I better get some back up 17.9%
-We had to sedate him/her 8.3%
-I’ve never seen such a ______________cat! 28.6%

Funny answers: Interesting, fat, feisty, big, neurotic, relaxed (actually paralyzed with fear), vocal, chubby, unique, loving, exotic, interestingly named, well dressed, terrified, pitiful, crazy.

I always thought the staff at V-E-T’s office just called ME handsome. It was a little upsetting to find that SEVENTY-SIX PERCENT of cats get called that! Hrumph. Whatever.