Toosday Wake up Tactic

June 8, 2010

This is where we found Pugsley in the guest room this morning.

This is where we found Pugsley in the guest room this morning.

After yesterday’s banishment from the bedroom I went at the wake up process full force this morning. First (this was unintended but coincided beautifully with my rumbling belly) began hairball yakking on female staff’s pillow.

Then, meowedmeowedmeowedmeowed.

Then, laid down next to female staff member and headbutted the back of her neck, while purring heavily of course.

Then, stood up and meowedandmeowedandmeowed.

Then, jumped off the bed and went around to the other side of the bed where her face was. Jumped up on the bed and landed thisclose to her face. Put my face in her face. Employed whisker-tickles.

Then, stood up straight and……MEOOOOOOOOOOOOWLLLLLLLLED as loud as I could.

Finally she was up and we marched down to BREAKFAST. Well, first we had to go pick up Pugsley from the spare bedroom, where he was still sleeping. STILL SLEEPING! The kid has to be escorted down to BREAKFAST. Can you believe this? Jeesh.


Yvonne DiVita June 10, 2010 at

Romeo, the Wabby wants you to know that she approves of the hairball tactic. She likes to use it…from across the room and down the stairs. The sound is unmistakable and she KNOWS her Mom or Tom will bolt out of bed to get to her – trying to save the rug and furniture. As if they really count! Breakfast is always served soon after.

Marg June 9, 2010 at

Romeo, you are sure persistant. We are writing everything down so that we can wake up our staff manager although she is good about getting up and giving us breakfast. Good job and keep up the good work. Have a good day.

Nicky June 9, 2010 at

Good job Romeo but you sure worked hard for the breakfast today! Thanks for sharing about Pugsley. We always like hearing about him and he’s sooooo quiet!

FYI: Today I employed the “kneading on the ribs” tactic for my breakfast. It worked!

Sweet Praline June 8, 2010 at

Wow! It took a lot to get her up this morning, didn’t it?

Sarah June 8, 2010 at

Oh my, with the yakking and the me-YOWLING, it is lucky you are so handsome, Romeo!

Your mother is a saint. But I guess that is a requirement for feline staff members. I know my Hemo has got me very well trained.

Amy & The House of Cats June 8, 2010 at

We think the hairball yakking was a great way to start off today after the banishment yesterday!

Mariodacat June 8, 2010 at

You always have good ones friend. I started something new here. Dis morning I gave the m a bitey on her arm – really hard one too. he he, but i can’t hurt her cuz i have no toothie left. She laughed, but it got her up.
I might have to keep doing dat one for a few days cuz I realy got her attention.

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