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December 11, 2009

What? Wasn't Us!

What? Wasn't Us!

I’m happy to welcome back Gabby and Gunnie, who have been kind enough to share their genius strategies in the past. Today brings a new level of brilliance.

Gunnie writes….

Hello Rascally Boyz!

First off, my sister Gabby and I think that you are both more handsome and delicious than toona! We wish we lived closer together so we could share some cattails and a nice bowl of toona at the local cat canteen……

Any who, we love Romeo’s wake-up techniques and we have added a few to our ever widening arsenal of tricks. Both Gabby and I have already been featured in your guest wake-up cat technician (a catechnician) column separately, but we have a tag team wake up tactic that is highly unusual and could be potential dangerous to ones owners if not done to perfection.

Gabby’s normal wake-up tactic is to drop straw flowers on our Mom’s head and then pounce on her from the headboard, while mine is a bit more disruptive. I use my claws to pull myself around the bed frame making a lot of noise. Though each of these techniques is a winner, our new tag team approach is guaranteed to get her up quick!

Ok so here’s the scoop, our human mom has sleep apnea and uses this rather loud machine with a hose and a mask to help her sleep. We let me tell you she is a sight to see when she wears her mask, but we love her very much because she rescued us so we try not to laugh to hard… hee hee. At first we were rather scared of the noise coming from the machine and the air coming from the mask, but now we are cool with it and even sleep right up next to our mom with the cool air blowing on us (very refreshing).

Our newest tactic incorporates the hose and the mask. Here is how it is done….first one of us (usually Gabby since she is smaller) eases herself on our Mom’s chest, placing her paws on either side of the mask next to the air holes. Then I very quietly place myself on the pillow behind our mom’s head right alongside the air hose. At this point the timing of the tactic is essential for it to work. I look at Gabby to make sure she is ready. Once I get the sign, I get up and lay on the hose pretty much compressing it flat so no air gets through it while the Gabbinator places her upper body on the mask effectively trapping all the used air from escaping.

The combination of my stopping the air from going into the mask and Gabby stopping the air from coming out of the mask has created what the humans call the perfect storm! But you gotta be careful here as you do not want to take it a step too far because as any good cat worth their catnip knows an unconscious human is no good to any of us.

Anyway, usually within 20-30 seconds of the implementation of the tactic, our mom is flaying around and grasping for the mask trying to remove it so she can breathe, that is our cue to get the heck off the bed and outta the room. Once she is sitting up and has returned to normal breathing, we enter the room so she is reminded that there is a reason why she was woken up and that reason is to feed us! Normally within a few minutes she has forgiven us and the food is in our bowls and on our mats ready for catsumption!

We hope you boys enjoy our tactic and as Mae West would say, “The best way to behave is to misbehave”!

Love you Boys,

Gabby and Gunnie
The Mischievous Girls

OMG I love it! VERY risky but oh, so worth it! G&G, I love you guys!


Peggy December 11, 2009 at

snicker? Shame my boss was here because my sides hurt from keeping the hysterical laughter from escaping.

Oh are those girls bad!

Lilly and Lucy December 11, 2009 at

Oh my, you girls are naughty! We couldn’t help but snicker hehe.

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