Dogs Are Wake up Geniuses Too!

November 13, 2009

It’s important to note that woofers can be just as strategic about wake up tactics as we floofers. Now I know I will get a flood of protests from the cats in my in box for that comment. But hear me out. Here’s what Lexi-Lou does to get her staff out of bed. It’s pretty brilliant. Lexi writes:

I may be small but I am SMART!

I may be small but I am SMART!

Hi, Romeo! I’ve got a great wake-up tactic for you. It’s one you can’t use often, though, or it’ll lose its effectiveness. You see, I’m a little doggie and Mom’s bed is too high for me to jump up on. All of my wake-up tactics need to involve ways to make noise to get Mom moving. Sneezing, growling, getting into stuff — those are my typical methods. In emergency situations, though, here’s what I do… I go over to the glass door we have in our bedroom and I start to bat at the vertical blinds. It’s an outside door, so this makes Mom think a burglar is coming in. She’ll sit straight up in bed, wide awake. She’s relieved that it’s only me, of course, and I end up getting to go outside and then eat some yummy cookies!

Keep up the good Furpower work, friend!

Champaign, Illinois

This is a great strategy, Lexi-Lou. I like the idea of having a superduper one that you save for special occasions! Thanks for writing in!


Ardella Brossman October 2, 2010 at

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Zed November 15, 2009 at

Very good plan! Giving the impression that there may be a Cat burglar outside is great!
I think next you may want to secretly build a set of steps. Then you can get up on the bed when needed. BOL!

Carolyn Waggoner November 13, 2009 at

Dear Lexi-Lou,
You are an inspiration to all of us whose staff prefer to ignore diurnal law.
And mighty cute, besides.
Love to you and yours,
CW and hers

Lilly and Lucy November 13, 2009 at

Way to go Lexi-Lou! Unfortunately we cannot participate in wake up tactics. Our staff confines us at night. By the way…. you are precious :)

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