Dogs Are Wake up Geniuses Too!

November 13, 2009

It’s important to note that woofers can be just as strategic about wake up tactics as we floofers. Now I know I will get a flood of protests from the cats in my in box for that comment. But hear me out. Here’s what Lexi-Lou does to get her staff out of bed. It’s pretty brilliant. Lexi writes:

I may be small but I am SMART!

I may be small but I am SMART!

Hi, Romeo! I’ve got a great wake-up tactic for you. It’s one you can’t use often, though, or it’ll lose its effectiveness. You see, I’m a little doggie and Mom’s bed is too high for me to jump up on. All of my wake-up tactics need to involve ways to make noise to get Mom moving. Sneezing, growling, getting into stuff — those are my typical methods. In emergency situations, though, here’s what I do… I go over to the glass door we have in our bedroom and I start to bat at the vertical blinds. It’s an outside door, so this makes Mom think a burglar is coming in. She’ll sit straight up in bed, wide awake. She’s relieved that it’s only me, of course, and I end up getting to go outside and then eat some yummy cookies!

Keep up the good Furpower work, friend!

Champaign, Illinois

This is a great strategy, Lexi-Lou. I like the idea of having a superduper one that you save for special occasions! Thanks for writing in!