Friday Guest Waker-Upper

October 30, 2009

This is the first time we’ve had a wake up tactic submitted by chickens.

The chicks and their kitty friend’s staff Carolyn writes:

These peeping wonders have imprinted on one of our more sanguine resident rescue Persians, Lobo (short for “Lobotomy”).  Hilarious. This cat is so laid back, you could literally lob grenades at him, and he wouldn’t flinch.  But he did meow most plaintively when they would try to nestle under him. Poor kitty!

For a while, they would even try to roost on him.  Now, everybody just hangs out at the coop when not eating or sleeping inside.  Definitely a peaceable kingdom.

But the most traditional of wake up tactics comes from Lobo and the Chickos:

“Silly Romeo! It’s the oldest trick in the book–you just crow.”

I am so glad we had an opportunity to showcase the true wake up pioneers – chickens! I wonder what a “crow” would sound like coming out of my meower?

Bawk, bawk.....bawk?

Bawk, bawk.....bawk?

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