Tuesday Wake up Tactic: Is This a Trend?

October 13, 2009

Knocked over lamp and very happy at big crash it made.

Staff not happy at big crash it made. Said something about how I need to “stop with the knocking crap over routine.”

Hmmm. Whatever works, right? I did get BREAKFAST shortly thereafter, yo.

Helloooooo in there!

Helloooooo in there!


kabelky online October 12, 2010 at

LOL, that stuff is way too funny. I have to share that.

Brunilda Surowka August 30, 2010 at

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Amy & The House of Cats October 14, 2009 at

Ok, lamps would be more of a concern because the bulb could break and you could get hurt, but other than that it seems like a workable option.

The Island Cats October 13, 2009 at

We think whapping stuff is the best way to get attention…look, it got you breakfast, didn’t it??

Linda October 13, 2009 at

distant cousin here.. woke my owners up when i played hockey on the dresser and knocked on the floor a very expensive Christmas Lenox figurine.. . they were not happy with this wake up call. I did get their attention… after all they were newlyweds at the time. no sleepin in for them.

Spunky October 13, 2009 at

I do the same thing when I want attention and my staff are sleeping! Even if they tell me no, I will look right at them with my Diva attitude and knock stuff right on the floor!!!

anastasia October 13, 2009 at

yea way to go romeo. i love that cat.

Sharon Lake October 13, 2009 at

Good job, Romeo!

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