Kids and Cats

September 20, 2009

Fortunately (for her) patience is one of my strengths.



Sweet Praline September 20, 2009 at

You are much more patient that I would be!

Frances Hall September 20, 2009 at

You are very patient and you look so darn cute! It’s a good thing you are such a good kitty

Angelus September 20, 2009 at

Romeo, my main Persian… kudos to you, mate! Teacup humans (like it? I heard it from that big, blond, Swedish vamp Momma likes) are very dangerous to our precious tails, so that right there? Bravery.

*makes “solid” paw*

Kathy September 20, 2009 at

Bless your heart, Romeo. BTW, love the new do.

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