What is a Twitter #Pawpawty anyway?

August 28, 2009

The August #pawpawty starts today at 2 p.m. EST and goes for a full 24 hours so join in the fun! I will personally be giving away prizes throughout the 24 hours to those who donate to TEARS. There will be gift baskets and FURminators and sterling silver charms and artwork and Rescue Mom or Rescue Dad car magnets and stickers and more.

But you don’t have to be on Twitter to win. Everyone who donates is entered into a drawing for prizes at the end of the month.

Lots of you guys have asked me what a Twitter #pawpawty is. I’ll try to explain it. If you’re not on Twitter, this may not make a whole lot of sense but bear with me.

The originator of #pawpawty is my friend Frugal Dougal who coordinates and organizes the #pawpawty from England and does an amazing job. Visit Frugal’s blog for even more info on #pawpawty.

Here are the basics:

On Twitter, when a group of people (or animals) join in a common discussion thread, they use a hashtag (#) to indicate they are all talking about the same topic. For example, if I’m leading a discussion on wake up tactics on Twitter, then I’d use the phrase (beginning with hashtag) #wakeuptactics. Then, those interested in the topic can simply search for all the posts that start with #wakeuptactics.

Pawpawty is a monthly 24-hour “discussion” or “party” that anyone can join! Just search for the term #pawpawty on Twitter and join in the conversation/party taking place. Be sure to use the phrase #pawpawty in your posts so people know you’re part of the party. Lots of animals and people like to use www.tweetgrid.com to keep track of the discussion a little more easily.

Each #pawpawty has a theme. This month is Woodstock to celebrate well, Woodstock! And most importantly, each #pawpawty is dedicated to raising money for animals. This month, #pawpawty is raising money for my FURPOWER August organization, TEARS. Hundreds of animals and their humans join in the fun and we usually raise more than $1,000 during each #pawpawty. It’s a lot of fun and for a great cause.

Throughout the 24 hours, there are quizzes and games and chances to win fun prizes from a variety of sponsors from the animal community across the world.

I hope you can join us!



Sweet Praline August 29, 2009 at

Thanks for the information. I hope you had fun. Mom says FB and the CB is too much to keep up with as it is, so we’re going to put off Twitter (for now, this is).

George The Duck August 29, 2009 at

Congrats on making the goal at the #pawpawty. That’s awesome. *high wing*

Your Daily Cute August 29, 2009 at

Great #pawpawty! Love that we blew past the goal! Great job as always, Romeo. Keep it up!

Oh, and we got the sweet Meow charm we won last time — I want to put it on a necklace for myself, but PimpTheCat thinks he should get it on his collar… Haha. Maybe I need to buy us a matching set! :)

jansfunnyfarm August 28, 2009 at

Thanks for the explanation. We’ve been wondering what those # are about. Hope you have a successful twitter party.

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